RED by SFR extends the 200MB, 100GB and 200GB RED mobile plans

RED by SFR has decided to extend the 200MB packages at €5/month, 100GB at €17/month and 200GB at €20/month. These are now permanent in the range of mobile plans. RED mobile plans 200MB, 100GB and 200GB RED 200MB package at €5/month RED by SFR offers a small package with unlimited calls and SMS/MMS, as well … Read more

TOP 5 200GB mobile plans with B&You, Syma Mobile, Free Mobile, RED by SFR and Coriolis

TOP 5 200GB mobile plans with BYou Syma Mobile Free

With all the super good deals on the phone market, it’s hard to find your way around when looking for a mobile phone plan with a maximum of data. Whether it’s to browse the internet, connect your devices or take advantage of your VOD platforms, maxi data packages are on the rise! To help you … Read more