Your mobile plan + Fiber Internet BOX at a reduced price with this special Christmas pack from Orange

Combine your two Internet BOX subscriptions and mobile plan with the Orange operator and save a lot of money. During this Christmas period, Orange is promoting its 80GB telephone subscription associated with its Livebox Fiber package with Paramount+ included for 6 months. This winning duo with a maximum of advantages will be invoiced to you less than 30€ per month the first year. Here are all the details of this connected pack at a great price!

Combine your Orange mobile and BOX offers and save money

The Orange supplier allows you to take advantage of a Internet fiber box pack and mobile plan at a bargain price for Christmas. Until February 1, 2023, the 80GB mobile subscription associated with the Livebox Fiber is offered at the exceptional price of €29.98 for a period of 12 months. The operator gives you a €22 discount on the price of the Livebox and a €20 reduction per month on the Orange plan. At the end of the first year, this pack costs €66.98 per month. Another interesting bonus, the new Paramount+ streaming service is included for a period of 6 months and then billed at €7.99 on request. Another indication, if the Orange Fiber is not yet deployed in your home, know that this pack exists with the ADSL livebox at the promotional price of €29.98 for one year then €61.98.

All about the Fiber Orange livebox at €19.99 thanks to the pack

By choosing to combine your two BOX and Mobile offers, the fiber livebox subject to a 12-month commitment goes to the price of €19.99 instead of €41.99 per month. This is also on promotion without a mobile plan but at the price of €22.99 per month for one year then €41.99 per month, box rental included. Whether you take this internet offer as a pack or not, Orange offers you the new service Paramount+ for a period of 6 months. This streaming service is then offered at a price of €7.99 if you decide to keep it.

In terms of services, you will have a Internet connection up to 500Mbit/s (downstream and uplink speed) as well as a landline with unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France and overseas departments and to 110 international destinations. Orange also makes it possible to call without counting from the landline connected to the box to landlines in Tunisia (on request) and 10 hours per month to landlines in Algeria (on request). For television, up to 140 channels including 70 in HD are included and can be viewed on your TV, mobile, tablet and PC/Mac. As a bonus, take advantage of the Paramount+ service at no cost for the first six months.

Orange Paramount livebox promo + offered

The Orange 80GB package at €9.99 with the box + mobile pack

As for the mobile phone plan, Orange allows you to take advantage of a reduction of €15 until January 4, 2023 whether you choose this phone subscription without commitment with or without BOX. This offer thus goes to the price of 9.99€ for one year with the livebox then 24.99€ or to 14.99€ then 29.99€ by subscribing without box. With this phone plan, you will enjoy:

  • an 80GB web envelope (reduced speed beyond) usable in metropolitan France and in Europe, overseas departments, Switzerland/Andorra
  • Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and from Europe, overseas departments, Switzerland/Andorra to these areas and France

Promo Orange 80GB Christmas plan

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Your mobile plan + Fiber Internet BOX at a reduced price with this special Christmas pack from Orange

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