Your 5G mobile plan + Fiber Internet BOX at a reduced price with these two Free offers

Go up a gear for both your Internet BOX and your mobile plan with Free. The supplier offers you a winning duo by combining its Freebox Pop and its 5G package. This connected pack will indeed charge you less than €40 per month for the first year for maximum benefits. We will explain everything to you !

Freebox Pop + 5G plan: Free’s winning duo to go up to speed

the free supplier allows you to move up a gear both from your Smartphone and from your PC at home at a great price. By associating your BOX Fiber subscription and 5G package at Free, you can actually take advantage of an advantageous rate the first year. The connected pack with the Freebox Pop and the Free 5G mobile plan is displayed at only €39.98 per month for a period of 12 months.

The Freebox Pop without time commitment is promotion at 29.99€ per month then 39.99€, box rental included and the mobile plan without commitment with unlimited data up to 5G goes to only €9.99 instead of €19.99 for the duration of your BOX and mobile subscription. If you keep this pack after the first year, your bill will go from €39.98 to €49.98 per month.

All about the Free 5G package with unlimited data Freebox customers

The Free Mobile offer offered at a preferential price with a Freebox includes great benefits. This subscription connected to the Free 4G/5G antennas includes unlimited Internet access from your Smartphone enough to enjoy all your Web uses without counting. With this 5G mobile subscription, you benefit from an even more stable and responsive connection in the areas covered by the fifth generation network. Note that Free offers the largest 5G network in France in terms of number of sites with more than 87% of the population covered.

Furthermore, this Free package includes unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines in mainland France, USA, Canada, China, overseas departments and to landlines in 100 destinations. You can also send unlimited SMS/MMS in mainland France and unlimited SMS to overseas departments. During your stays abroad, this phone plan accompanies you from more than 70 countries, you will indeed have the right to consume up to 25GB of mobile data. From Europe, DOM, Canada…, you will have calls, SMS, MMS without counting. Finally, Free allows you to take advantage of its Free Ligue 1 app at no additional cost.

All about the Freebox Pop

The Freebox Pop is on sale at €29.99 for one year and then €39.99. This Freebox package without time commitment includes Fiber Internet access up to 5 Gb/s download and 700 Mb/s upload. Unlimited is offered from the telephone line, you can actually call without counting from the landline connected to the box to mobiles in France and overseas departments, the USA, China or even Canada and to the landlines from more than 110 destinations. As for the TV service, the QQEE by Free interface with access to more than 220 TV channels, numerous replay channels and advanced functions are included. In addition, Free offers you Canal+ Series for the first 12 months, Amazon Prime video for the first six months and Apple TV+ for 3 months. .

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Your 5G mobile plan + Fiber Internet BOX at a reduced price with these two Free offers

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