You didn’t know it but the internet has been dead since 2016

News JVTech You didn’t know it but the internet has been dead since 2016

You had no idea, and yet it is very true. The Internet died in 2016. Finally, this is announced by a conspiracy theory that highlights Artificial intelligence, bots, influencers and manipulations!

The internet died in 2016 and yet you are reading this article

The internet died in 2016. If you haven’t been able to attend his funeral yet or are still browsing the web, don’t worry. This “revelation” indeed comes from a conspiracy theory and you shouldn’t have much to fear from the latter.

Rediscovered by the newspaper The Atlanticthis theory is based on a simple, but radically effective idea: it is artificial intelligence that pulls all the strings on the Internet.

Much of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet is actually generated by artificial intelligence networks, in conjunction with secret paid media influencers, to manufacture consumers for a growing range of newly normalized cultural products. .

This is howa post on summarizes this theory. The Internet is therefore only a haven for bots and secret media influencers, and therefore, you too!

The Internet is dead: a conspiracy theory between artificial intelligence and manipulation

Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake, Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake. It is under this name that the IlluminatiPirate thread of January 5, 2021 comes to explain to us what makes its theory. The post is rather long and according to its author, overlaps information from theories shared on the paranormal section of 4chan, and another forum called Wizardchan which is based on the acquisition of wisdom and magic through celibacy. Among the evidence advanced, there would be the fact that very many identical similar contents exist on the web.

Governments, vested interests, or financiers, it’s easy enough to point in a vague direction to find out who’s pulling the strings. And according to The Atlantic journalist, who received an email from him, IlluminatiPirate is an operations manager for a logistics company in California, and “sincerely believes” his theory.

In a sense, this conspiracy theory is not entirely wrong. Bots are numerous on the Internet, Artificial Intelligence is more and more developed and today makes it possible to answer questions in a coherent way, or even to create what can be likened to works of art. We can also talk about companies, even governments that sometimes sponsor content, or the omnipresence of advertising everywhere on the net.

But then comes a paradox. If AI, governments, media, insert any other entity handles most of the content on the Internet, why would they let this leak out? See even worse, wouldn’t it be the AI ​​that would have written it itself? Being totally serious, this theory still raises the question of the place of bots and AIs in the future of the Internet, but also of the world in general.

To go further into the subject, reading the work of Isaac Asimov and the cycles of Foundation and Robots is very interesting, imagining a future where robots would be much more developed.

We wish to thank the writer of this write-up for this incredible material

You didn’t know it but the internet has been dead since 2016

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