World Cup 2022: France won, but the Internet only retains this image

News JVTech World Cup 2022: France won, but the Internet only retains this image

This Sunday, December 4, France won its ticket to the quarter-finals of the Football World Cup, thanks to its victory against Poland (3-1). However, today, it is indeed a photo that unleashes and excites Internet users.

2022 World Cup: heading to the quarter-finals for the France team!

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is THE big sporting event of the end of 2022. And whatever one may think or say, this Mondial still finds a way to arouse the interest of a number of people around the globe. This Sunday, and after a well-controlled group stage (2 wins and 1 loss), the French team faced the Polish selection for a place in the quarter-finals.

During this match won by the Blues on the (almost) river score of 3 goals to 1, spectators and television viewers were able to witness several moments of history. Indeed, during this meeting, Olivier Giroud became the top scorer for the France team with 52 achievements – beating Thierry Henry’s record – but that’s not all, since Kylian Mbappe there, too, went from these two goals, thus propelling him to the first place in the goalscoring table (on this edition).

But if you followed this meeting on social networks, you probably noticed thatone image had more people talking than the others. The latter may even have already passed on to posterity!

Mbappé and Giroud: a celebration that makes the whole world dream

44ᵉ minute, Kylian Mbappé launches in depth Olivier Giroud, the AC Milan striker controls outside left foot and continues directly with a cross shot with the same foot. The Polish goalkeeper is beaten and France shakes the nets of the white eagles for the first time. The French number 9 goes to celebrate in the direction of the corner post, slides on his knees, turns around and grabs his decisive passer in his arms. The two men look at each other, and undoubtedly give us THE photo of this World Cup in Qatar!

The photographers present around the lawn machine-gunned the two men before they were joined by their teammates, and it therefore gives us this beautiful image that theInternet users rushed to comment on social networks. A Twitter user writes: “I’m in love with this picture”whileanother comment “I want a guy who looks at me like Mbappé looks at Giroud”. If the latter remained rather serious, others preferred to use humor to describe this photo. And it must be said, some were well inspired, take a look!

Sadly, hundreds of homophobic messages also accompanied the photograph. However, the vast majority of messages are positive and emphasize how beautiful sport can be, even when a competition is held in a particular context. For our Blues, the adventure continues and they therefore give us an appointment on Saturday at 8 p.m. for a place in the last four.

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World Cup 2022: France won, but the Internet only retains this image

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