Work: boss, employees or freelancers, they practice a vintage Internet

Landline telephone, wired connection, typewriter… Many of them use work tools dating from the infancy of the Internet. And listening to them, you may well be tempted.

Overstressed, stressed, drowned in untimely notifications, they feel feverish and unable to concentrate. To preserve their mental healththey now favor work tools 2000s.

Old technologies for comfort

To work, they therefore use wired Internet and 3310 (or better yet, telephone hanging on the wall) rather than wifi and iPhone. This is the case of Bobbie Carlton, 56 years old. In Lexington, Massachusetts, his old house is a jumble of Ethernet cables, reports The Wall Street Journal. A digital entrepreneur, Bobbie admits that it’s “frankly ugly”, but that she “loves it. »

For the American media, the enthusiasm around these work tools from another time is palpable: “Some telecommuters are rediscovering the joys of rugged old-school technology, untangling wired headphones, digging up cords from that box in the back of the closet, and rediscovering the fun of a ringing phone attached to the wall. » These tech 2000s “Take us back to a time when life was less complicated. We picked up the phone if we wanted to talk to someone, turned on the television if we wanted to be entertained. An opinion shared by Maya May, American host of a streaming show: [Ces anciennes technologies sont] the equivalent of a comfort food. » A good way also to counterbalance the eternal Zoom fatigue which still sometimes strikes us down now that teleworking has become more democratic. And that pushes us to disconnect…

New era, new machine

As noted The International Courier, some companies have felt the vein. This is the case of Freewrite, which offers a machine of the same name: devoid of an Internet browser, it allows you to write and edit texts without being interrupted by e-mails with 20 people in copy and sending your colleagues’ emojis on Slack. Other vintage and retro devices are on the rise. let’s remember that flip phones are highly acclaimed by Generation Z for taking photos with deliciously old-fashioned grain…

And for those who need more encouragement, there is always the anti-procrastination coffee… Baptized Manuscript Writing Cafe, it is in Japan west of Tokyo. Reserved for writers, editors and cartoonists facing deadlines, the café does not allow customers to leave the premises until they have completed the advertised task. And the longer you take to complete your article, the more the prices of matcha lattes increase… Like what, the future of work may be in the (very) low tech.

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Work: boss, employees or freelancers, they practice a vintage Internet

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