With Scénic Vision, Renault explores the future of hydrogen

Prefiguring the first electric SUV from the diamond brand, the Renault Scénic Vision explores the mobility of the future with a hybrid configuration combining electricity and hydrogen.

The Renewal continues! After the electric R5, Renault continues to revise its classics by updating one of the most emblematic models in its range. Appeared, the mythical Renault Scénic is thus reborn in the form of a concept car called Scénic Vision which, apart from the name, no longer really has much to do with the famous minivan of the 90s. Spread over 4.49 m in length, the concept takes up a large part of the aesthetic elements of the new electric Mégane.

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An unprecedented hydrogen-electric hybrid system

If the production version of the Scénic Vision will lead to an electric SUV based on the Alliance’s new CMF-EV platform, Renault has gone quite far in the design of the hydrogen system.

Imagining a new platform, the brand’s engineers worked on an original mechanism. “It’s a vision of tomorrow’s hybrid,” summarizes Cléa Martinet, director of sustainable development within the Renault group.

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The basic vehicle inherits elements from the new electric Mégane by combining a 160 kW motor with a 40 kWh battery. Responding to a large part of urban and peri-urban uses, the electrical part is supplemented by a small 16 kW fuel cell. Reserved for long journeys, it is fed from a high-pressure tank storing up to 2.5 kg of hydrogen at 350 bars. To avoid impacting the cargo space, the entire hydrogen system, including the tank, is stored at the front. “It was one of the least intrusive and safest areas” we are confirmed at Renault.

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For Renault, it is a question of imagining a more pragmatic solution which does not resort to an excessive quantity of batteries while offering a versatile vehicle capable of covering longer distances. With a single tank of hydrogen and no intermediate stop for recharging, Renault estimates the range at 800 km, enough to make a Paris-Marseille without constraint.

A futuristic interior

If the exterior lines and dimensions (4.49 m long) will probably be quite close to the standard electric Scénic, promised for 2024, the interior is much more futuristic. Antagonistic, the doors open onto a large bright space where the brand has concentrated all of its innovations.

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Physiological sensors to monitor the manufacturer’s state of fatigue, “cocoon” airbag directly integrated into the seats, facial recognition, customizable mini-screens, etc… the brand’s standard vehicles. Among them, we find the “Safety Score”, which assigns a mark to your driving, “Safety Coach”, which helps you identify risks along your journey, or the “Safe Guardian” which detects any lack of vigilance and adapts the behavior of the car.

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An eco-designed car

Developed using a sustainable approach, the Renault Scénic Vision incorporates more than 70% recycled materials. This is particularly the case for the hydrogen tank, made from recycled carbon fiber, but also for the fuel cell which uses a plate from the recycling of catalytic converters from thermal cars.

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Vision 2030

Already committed to the segment of hydrogen utilities with hyviaits joint venture with Plug Power, will Renault embark on the fuel cell car ? While the Renault Scenic Vision concept confirms ongoing discussions, the manufacturer’s teams emphasize that the work remains above all exploratory for mobility by 2030. For the solution to develop on a commercial scale, the network of refueling stations expands and the price of the molecule decreases.

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Renault Scénic Vision: main features

  • Length: 4490mm
  • Width: 1900mm
  • Height: 1590mm
  • Wheelbase: 2835mm
  • Rims: 21 inches
  • Tyres: 235/45 R21
  • Weight: 1700 kg
  • Energy: hybrid electric hydrogen
  • Motor: 160 kW synchronous electric with wound rotor
  • Fuel cell: 16 kW
  • Battery: 40 kWh

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With Scénic Vision, Renault explores the future of hydrogen

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