With Prixtel’s Oxygen mobile plan, air your bill!

Prixtel has existed for almost 20 years, and for almost 15 years this French mobile telephone operator has been offering packages intended to promote the purchasing power of its customers. With its flexible and non-binding offers, Prixtel has revolutionized the market and enabled hundreds of thousands of smartphone users to pay the right price each month. But that’s not all: for several years, this company based in Aix-en-Provence has been working to offset its carbon emissions, and thus promote CO2-neutral packages, an unprecedented offer in France. Right now, Prixtel offers Oxygena limited series that has something to seduce you.

Why is Oxygen the mobile plan of the moment?

Like the other Prixtel packages, Oxygène is a non-binding 4G/4G+ offer based on three levels of use:

  • Up to 50 GB used, you pay 9.99 euros for the month,
  • Between 50 and 90 GB, you pay 12.99 euros,
  • Between 90 and 130 GB, you pay 15.99 euros.

In summary, you only pay for the data you use, and you also have access to unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France and from the EU and the overseas departments, as well as 20 GB to use from these same destinations. foreign. The rates do not change over time: each level remains fixed as long as you remain a customer of the offer.

Prixtel associates its Oxygen package to its commitment to a cleaner sea: the operator has teamed up with Sea&co to collect 2.7 tonnes of tires submerged in the Calanque des Trous in Marseille. A way to complete its other initiatives, which relate in particular to the reforestation of French forests: in the space of 3 years, the company has reduced CO2 emissions by 64% per customer, a great feat that should not stop the.

Access the offer on the Oxygen mobile plan here

Discover the other Prixtel packages

Prixtel does not only offer one offer in its catalog. Two other flexible, non-binding plans are available, with a similar promise: that of a bill that reflects your consumption for the month very exactly.

Le grand mobile plan

For six months, Prixtel applies a discount of 3 euros per month on each level of the 4G plan The big one. This allows you to pay:

  • 10.99 euros (then 13.99 euros) up to 100 GB consumed,
  • 13.99 euros (then 16.99 euros) between 100 and 120 GB consumed,
  • 16.99 euros (then 19.99 euros) between 120 and 140 GB consumed.

You also benefit from unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France and from the European Union and the overseas departments, as well as 20 GB to be used in the EU and the overseas departments each month.

Access the offer on the Le grand mobile plan here

The giant mobile plan

The giant also benefits from a 3 euro reduction on each level for six months. If this plan is available in 4G by default, it is possible to subscribe to the 5G option for 5 euros more if you wish. The details of the bearings are as follows:

  • 12.99 euros (then 15.99 euros) up to 140 GB consumed,
  • 15.99 euros (then 18.99 euros) between 140 and 170 GB consumed,
  • 18.99 euros (then 21.99 euros) between 170 and 200 GB consumed.

Here too, calls and SMS/MMS are included at will in mainland France and from the EU and the overseas departments, with 20 GB to be used in these destinations. This package also includes unlimited calls to the USA, Canada and to landlines in Europe and the overseas departments. Difficult to do more complete for such a price.

Access the offer on the Le Géant mobile plan here

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With Prixtel’s Oxygen mobile plan, air your bill!

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