With its 80 GB plan, Orange signs the best mobile offer of the summer (-70%)

Orange is launching an 80 GB mobile plan without commitment, with unlimited SMS and MMS calls both in France and abroad. Given the premium aspect of the offer and the minimum price at which it is displayed, we can only recommend it to you.

Orange hits very hard in June and only a few days before the start of the summer sales. The incumbent operator is launching an essential offer for people who would like the best mobile plan on the market in terms of value for money. Renowned for its premium offers, Orange after revamping its offers to make them now non-binding draws a forfait mobile 80 at only 9.99 euros for one year.

Displayed basic at 14.99 euros, it is thanks to the code SUMMER22 that it is possible to have it under the bar of 10 euros. For this low price, you are guaranteed to have a mobile plan based on the best network in France, both in terms of quality and speed. Also, you do not have to worry about the internet envelope it includes since in addition to unlimited SMS and MMS calls, the entirety of the latter can be used both in France and abroad. .

I take advantage of the offer

There simply isn’t a better mobile deal on the market right now. Even if the price of the package goes back to 29.99 euros beyond 12 months, it allows you to enjoy a high-end package at a low price for one year. From a value for money point of view, it even does better than the 70 GB package at 12.99 euros from Sosh, Orange’s low-cost brand. Here, you pay 3 euros less, and take advantage of the entire web envelope abroad, while that of Sosh is limited to 15 GB.

Such an offer comes very rarely. And Orange does not intend to make it last indefinitely. To be sure to take advantage of it, you should not delay too long at the risk of missing out. It ends on June 30. With its 80 GB package at 9.99 euros, it’s a godsend for people who would like to switch to Orange.

Why is this Orange package the best on the market?

There are many reasons to choose this Orange package over another. First of all, it is a premium and non-binding offer. The packages offered by Orange are basic high-end. Moreover, this is why ARCEP ranked the French operator number one in terms of speed and quality. Before, you had to turn to Sosh to subscribe to a non-binding package. Today, Orange is also keeping this promise by offering all its mobile plans without commitment.

In detail, this 80 GB mobile plan at 9.99 euros per month includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS with 80 GB of Internet in France and in Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra. Even if beyond 12 months it returns to its initial price of 29.99 euros per month, it remains an excellent deal. The little extra compared to its competitors is the fact that the entire internet envelope can be used in as many geographical areas for such a price.

To discover this package at Orange, it’s here:

Discover the Orange mobile plan

Not to mention that Orange’s reputation is second to none and it is currently the best mobile operator in France. A guarantee of quality, its customer service is available both on the web and in the brand’s physical stores. Wherever you are and at any time, you can call on Orange assistance who will answer all your questions.

A real ease of use which obviously represents a plus compared to MNVOs for example, which have telephone assistance that is often difficult to reach when needed. As you will have understood, choosing this Orange package means opting for the reliability and speed of its network but also for the quality of its after-sales service.

How to take advantage of the lowest price?

To take advantage of this good plan and get the Orange 80 GB mobile plan for just 9.99 euros, you must go to the official Orange website and then select this special offer. Then, once the package has been chosen, go to the “Get a promo code” section and add the code indicated SUMMER22. As simple as that!

Displayed at 15 euros instead of 29.99 euros, it is thanks to this promotional code that we obtain the advantageous price of 9.99 euros. The latter ensures that you benefit from the best price and at the same time makes you realize a very nice saving of -70% compared to the usual price. With the best network, comfortable data envelope, zero commitments and a reduced price, you simply have the best summer mobile plan.

And in case you want to keep your current mobile number, especially if you come from another operator, it is quite possible thanks to the RIO code. This is to be completed when registering. As a reminder, it is obtained by dialing 3179 from your mobile phone. A method, remember, simple, fast and free.

In short, Orange offers here an 80 GB mobile plan at 9.99 euros per month, which allows you to benefit from premium services at low prices. If you are looking for comfort and quality, it is undeniably this offer that we recommend. Especially since the French operator launches promotions as interesting as very rarely.

To discover this ultra-cheap mobile plan, it’s here:

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With its 80 GB plan, Orange signs the best mobile offer of the summer (-70%)

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