Who is the best operator: Bouygues Telecom or SFR?

The choice of your mobile operator is very important because it will determine our daily life for many months. Especially when subscribing to an offer with commitment. That’s why it’s best to think twice before signing up for a new mobile plan. Only, on the market, many of them share customers. Among them, it is possible to find SFR and Bouygues Télécom. Two historic operators who have been able to attract and retain customers over the years. Only, who is the best? Where to turn to subscribe to a new offer? Reply.

There are more and more mobile operators on the market: Free, Orange, Sosh, Coriolis, NRJ Mobile and many others. Among them are so-called “incumbent” operators. They have been there since the birth of packages and have been able to adapt over the years to the needs of consumers, their expectations but also to new technologies; like Bouygues Telecom and SFR. It is to these two brands that we are going to focus today. What is the best operator? Where to subscribe to a package? What is the most advantageous? All the answers to your questions.

Bouygues Telecom or SFR: who is the best operator?

When you think of mobile operators, SFR and Bouygues Telecom are names that quickly come to mind. No wonder since they have been part of the telecom landscape for many years now. Between them, they have more than 10 million subscribers in France. They are therefore pillars. However, this is not necessarily a guarantee of quality. To obtain this information, it is preferable to monitor several points: their coverage; customer satisfaction as well as the packages offered. Overview.

Bouygues Telecom and SFR coverage

The coverage rate of operators is very important because it varies according to the brands and it is this detail that will allow you to know if you will be able to benefit from an optimal connection or if you will be confronted with slowdowns and other annoyances.

According to ARCEP, SFR is the best operator in terms of 4G coverage in the territory, covering 95% of metropolitan France, closely followed by Bouygues Télécom with 94%. She also made a ranking:

Bouygues Telecom SFR
Population very well covered 86% 91%
Territory very well covered 85% 86%
Well covered territory 34% 19%
Territory with limited coverage 9% 13%

Bouygues Télécom and SFR have signed a roaming agreement in white areas (where the network is not very developed) in order to pool their infrastructures, which allows them to provide less service while covering a larger area.

Regarding the 5G coverage rate, SFR is also in the lead with 80 MHz frequency blocks when Bouygues Télécom has 70 MHz blocks.

It is also important to have a good network when traveling. Thus, the quality of the network varies according to the means of transport:

Bouygues Telecom SFR
Major highways 96% 95%
TGV axes 79% 78%
Intercity and TER trains 81% 79%
The metro axes 95% 94%
RER and Transiliens (Paris region) 92% 83%

In this area, Bouygues Télécom takes the lead in the ranking.

Customer satisfaction of Bouygues Télécom and SFR consumers

Customer satisfaction is an important criterion, because it allows you to form a precise opinion on the brand. Indeed, in the event of a dispute, it is preferable to be able to count on your operator in order to find a quick and effective solution.

At the end of 2021, ARCEP had also established a customer satisfaction ranking, based on a representative sample of more than 7,500 people over the age of 18. To this end, Bouygues Télécom obtained a score of 7.5 out of 10 when SFR is at 7.2 out of 10.

Bouygues Télécom is therefore number one on this point, having succeeded in gaining the trust of its customers.


This rating is only a reflection of a probed sample. Each situation is unique and opinions may vary according to the personal feelings of each. However, it can provide a global view of customer feedback.

Bouygues Telecom and SFR packages

The last criterion to take into account is the packages offered by the operators. Here too the solutions are variable and will depend on your daily needs and expectations.

  • Bouygues Telecom packages

Bouygues Telecom has two categories: 4G plans and 5G plans.

In the first category, it is possible to find offers ranging from 1 to 20 GB (in blocked package) for 6.99 euros per month to 5 GB at 11.99 euros per month (also with the blocked package option).

Regarding 5G packages, the options are more numerous. The catalog starts with a 100 GB package at 15.99 euros per month the first year to a 240 GB offer for 54.99 euros per month for the first twelve months.

Bouygues Telecom offers preferential rates for Bbox customers, which allows you to make great savings. In order to meet all budgets, the operator is also highlighting its B&YOU packages, offering the same quality of service but at reduced prices.

SFR offers packages with or without commitment, also with preferential rates for Box customers. These start at 3 euros per month for 2 hours of calls and 100 MB from Europe and the overseas departments. Intermediate offers are displayed at 15 euros for 80 GB in 4G+. For higher needs, it is possible to opt for the 220 GB 5G offer for 50 euros per month for the first year.

Bouygues Telecom or SFR: which to choose?

If only the coverage rate is taken into account, SFR appears to be the best solution. If we are interested in customer satisfaction, Bouygues Telecom takes the lead. In terms of mobile plans, they each have different solutions according to the needs and budgets of each.

In truth, “the best operator” does not exist. It will entirely depend on you and your expectations. So, it is best to check if the area you are in is better covered by one or the other of these operators. Then, you will have to compare the offers to get your hands on the one that will satisfy you day after day. After ? You just have to make your choice.

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Who is the best operator: Bouygues Telecom or SFR?

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