Who is behind the demonstration against “collaborative media”, planned in front of the premises of “Le Monde”?

The Covid-19 pandemic in Francecase

Made up of insurrectionary yellow vests, the collective “Vigi Médias” hopes to gather thousands of people in front of the daily’s premises on Saturday January 7. Its previous marches had only a handful of protesters.

A demonstration planned for Saturday January 7 in Paris has aroused interest but also fear on social networks, following the distribution of its poster by the journalist of BFM TV, Raphaël Grably. “If journalists are attacked on Saturday, you will know why”alert on Twitter the deputy editor of BFM Business by sharing the flyer on which we can read the slogans “Let’s free the info”, “the media are the virus”. Meeting is given at 2:30 p.m. on the Place des Invalides “in support of real journalism” in front of the premises of the France Soir site (which has nothing to do with the old newspaper of the same name) and a departure is planned later “in the direction of the temple of propaganda” with “fake news” signs embedded on the daily’s logo the world and on that of its fact-checking section Decoders. A logo of the Vigi Media collective is also visible.

Raphaël Grably also incorporated quotes from this group in his tweet. “We want to put pressure on the mass media”, declares a spokesperson to France Soir, while the other shows a message from Vigi Médias which presents itself as “a collective that offers all censored activists, whistleblowers, parties and collectives to take the media elevator by besieging the media collaborators”.

Contacted by CheckNewsthe Paris police headquarters confirms that a demonstration has been recorded by “the Vigi Media collective which usually declares marches from places near press organs”. Its press service specifies that these demonstrations bring together only “some people” and “are not the cause of disturbances to public order”.

Timid rallies in yellow vests and Russian flags

The France Soir site, which has an editorial line close to conspiratorial movements, in particular antivax since the start of the Covid crisis, dedicated an article and a video to the announcement of this event. The site then gives the floor to three people from the Vigi Médias collective, who introduce themselves as Sylvain Baron “activist writer”, Marie-Charlotte, teacher and Florence “at the nurse base but suspended following the obligation of the health pass at the hospital”. Florence specifies that the collective was created “about a year ago” with his two acolytes, “and before that, we’ve been declaring demonstrations in front of the media every first Saturday of the month for two years”. They hope to see “thousands” people to join them. Which would be a feat since the videos of previous rallies, shared by the collective’s website, only show a timid dozen of protesters. Their images show them singing committed songs (the words of which they do not always master), to tunes by the duo Brigitte, with Russian and French flags in the background.

If only Sylvain Baron dares to declare his surname, those of the two women, Marie-Charlotte Leiber-Vaudolon and Florence Heshmati, appear online in an administrative act of the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture prohibiting a demonstration planned for November 7, 2020 and declared “in the name of the yellow vests”. The three companions then planned to go from the premises of Radio France to those of France Télévisions, crossing several streets in Paris and Boulogne-Billancourt. On another protest statement, that CheckNews was able to consult, the three members of Vigi Médias indicated that they wanted to demonstrate at the foot of the premises of BFM TV with the purpose of the demonstration: the dismissal of Emmanuel Macron for high treason. Requirement of compliance with the Munich Charter by the public media. Denunciation of the regime of propaganda and censorship of the mainstream media. End of the health dictatorship. Monetary sovereignty. Introduction of the RIC in all matters in the constitution. Freexit.”

Sylvain Baron, the dropout who wanted to overthrow the presidents

If the collective has therefore always struggled to unite, it includes at its head a particularly radical personality: Sylvain Baron. For the past ten years, this nationalist and sovereignist activist, who worked for the UPR of François Asselineau, has made himself known in the circles of dissident protest by organizing rallies in front of the media and by taking down Union flags. European public places. He is at the origin of the movement of the “Décrocheurs”, which withdraws the flags of the EU. In 2015, he actively participated in the “July 14 Movement” which aims to rally the army to overthrow François Hollande from power.

Macron elected, he pursues this objective of dismissal especially during the movement of yellow vests by calling on the army to support the French people “to neutralize or put Macron and his government to flight”whom he accuses of “treason”. He made himself known there again for the stalling of a European flag in front of the premises of Radio France, then by an improvised interview with Céline Pigalle, the editorial director of BFM TV. A particularly documented portrait of the information site Freeze Frames points out that he shares anti-Semitic remarks on his Facebook account, including a tribute to Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson on his death, or that he participates in an extreme right ZAD according to the media street press.

Despite the breathlessness of the movement of yellow vests, he continues to claim it. When the Covid crisis arrives, it’s always “in the name of yellow vests” whom he calls to demonstrate in front of the media. On his Facebook account, he claims against the mask, unvaccinated, favorable to Professor Raoult’s hydroxychloroquine, opposed to the health pass, with always the obsession of defeating Emmanuel Macron. And when the news is held by the war in Ukraine, he then defends the positions of the Kremlin, justifying the invasion of the country on the grounds of “nazillons” who are there. During these last actions, he waved Russian flags in front of the offices of the media, which he accused of supporting Zelensky.

Dieudonné donor and nurse converted to alternative colon cleansing

More discreet about their activism, the two other founders of “Vigi Media” have in common to claim first of all yellow vests.

Thanks to the information freely available on the internet, CheckNews discovered that Marie-Charlotte Leiber-Vaudolon, a plastic arts teacher, appeared on a list of donors to anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonné, published by ex-paparazzi Jean-Claude Elfassi in 2014. told it Release at the time, Elfassi had taken it into his head to track Dieudonné by revealing numerous confidential documents. According to this file, the teacher would have donated 40 euros to the multi-condemned anti-Semite. An anonymous figure during the movement of yellow vests, she manages to be invited by France Soir to speak on their behalf from the health crisis, in particular because of her calls to demonstrate in front of the media. She then called Agence France Presse “collaborators of the tyrannical system put in place by the Elysian puppet”. The site popular with coviosceptics reports that his antivax positions have earned him the indifference of those around him: “Marie-Charlotte had herself tried to present to her teaching colleagues facts about the danger of vaccination for young people, or even about the inconsistencies between the health situation and the political measures taken on the basis of it. The consequences were hard for her: her relatives are playing the “ostrich” policy, looking elsewhere so as not to see the problem.

Former AP-HP nurse, Florence Heshmati also co-signed calls for the dismissal of Emmanuel Macron in 2020 with Sylvain Baron. Her distrust of the media did not prevent her from speaking to them when it served her causes. In December 2019, during her participation in the demonstrations against the pension reform wanted by Emmanuel Macron, the psychiatric nurse was mentioned by name in an AFP dispatch when she testified that “working in public hospitals is physically very difficult, we don’t have time to sit down even once a day, to go to the toilet or even to eat […] We go from one patient to another like robots”. Opposed to the health pass, she claims to have been suspended. According to information shared on social networks, she converted to colon hydrotherapy, an alternative medicine with contested effectiveness.

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Who is behind the demonstration against “collaborative media”, planned in front of the premises of “Le Monde”?

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