While you were sleeping. Afghanistan, burkini, Oklahoma, Internet: news of the night

Afghanistan: at least 12 dead in four attacks. Bomb attacks on Wednesday targeted three minibuses in Mazar-i-Sharif (north) which were claimed by the Islamic State group, reports Al Jazeera. Another attack also targeted a mosque in Kabul, according to the authorities. The number of attacks has declined in the country since the Taliban took power in August, but a series of deadly bomb attacks, in which dozens of people were killed, hit the country at the end of April, during the holy month of Ramadan. Some of these attacks had been claimed by the IS group, and had targeted in particular the Shiite Hazara minority, considered heretical by the terrorist organization.

France: burkini stop in the swimming pools of Grenoble. The city’s administrative court on Wednesday suspended the authorization to wear this covering swimsuit in Grenoble swimming pools, reports Il Giornale. The Italian conservative daily, which sees in the burkini “a symbol of the most fundamentalist Islam”, recalls that the Grenoble city council had given the green light on Monday to wearing this bathing suit. The prefect of Isère then filed a “secular reference” calling for his suspension. The court ruled on Tuesday that the article in question bore “seriously undermining the principle of public service neutrality”. The EELV mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle announced shortly after this decision that the city would “appeal before the Council of State”in a short message posted on Twitter.

United States: the governor of Oklahoma promulgates a law banning abortion from fertilization. “I had promised the people of Oklahoma that as governor I would sign any pro-life legislation that came my way, and I’m proud to have kept that promise”, Republican Kevin Stitt said Wednesday. A conservative bastion in the southern United States, Oklahoma is now the state with the most restrictive abortion regulations. Inspired by a Texas law, this text opens the door to lawsuits launched by ordinary citizens against people suspected of having had an abortion. The law “openly flouts the protection of the right to abortion put in place by the Supreme Court”, note the daily The Oklahoman. The text had been adopted by the state parliament in mid-May in a context of threats to the right to abortion after the magazine Politico revealed that a majority of Supreme Court justices were prepared to reverse Roe v. Wade which guarantees the right to abortion.

Major breakthrough towards the quantum internet. It’s a “technology that could ‘carry’ information in an instant”, abstract The Independent. Researchers have taken a key step towards an ultra-secure quantum internet, creating a rudimentary three-step teleportation information exchange network that will connect users through never-before-seen applications, has revealed on Wednesday a study published in the journal Nature. However, this large-scale network should not see the light of day for about ten years.

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While you were sleeping. Afghanistan, burkini, Oklahoma, Internet: news of the night

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