Which TV decoder do you “really” need?

As choose your internet box requires you to ask yourself a few questions, it is important to consider your needs when choosing your TV decoder. Operators compete with offers including decoders with increasingly sophisticated options. But which may not be suitable for your use. Thanks to this buying guide which lists the various questions to ask yourself, you will finally know which TV decoder you “really” need.

The TV decoder is a device, often a small box, used to watch television channels. It allows you to enjoy the DTT and SVOD channels of the moment, such as Netflix or Prime Video. More and more TV decoders are UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV decoders that allow you to fully enjoy the best image quality of your favorite programs. Today, the Freebox Revolution is one of the few internet boxes that does not provide a 4K decoder (UHD).

Time for questions to ask now. These are essential for choosing the TV decoder that will be best suited to your needs and uses.

Do you need to record with your TV decoder?

Most decoders offer recording functionality. On the other hand, the storage capacity of recorders differs from one model to another. For example, the Bbox TV 4K decoder includes 100 hours of recording with the Bbox Must. Other decoders, on the other hand, offer an external hard drive to save your films, series or other programs in order to watch them later on your television.

If you want to frequently record TV programs from your favorite channels, it would be ideal to opt for a decoder with a large storage capacity of its hard disk.

What connectors for your TV decoder?

Most TV decoders have an HDMI port. If you use an old television, you must choose a decoder equipped with a scart socket. For even more practicality, some decoders connect via Wi-Fi with the internet box: you no longer have to drag cables!

Do you need Android TV apps?

The number of applications that you can use on your television is very important on the Play store from Google than on the boxes developed internally by the operators. You will be able to take advantage of this on different boxes such as the Freebox Pop, the SFR Connect TV decoder or the Bbox offers. Orange does not offer Android box under Android TVbut has an app on the Google Play Store to access TV if you have a Smart TV.

What offer can I get the Apple TV decoder?

If you want to enjoy the services of Apple TV, it’s to the Freebox Delta you will have to turn, since Free is the only one to offer the Apple TV for rent for the moment.

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Which TV decoder do you “really” need?

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