Which no-commitment internet box to choose?

Most internet offers on the market require a commitment. However, many consumers prefer non-binding subscriptions to have the freedom to terminate their contracts for free at any time. However, it is important to know that non-binding offers often include fewer services. Yet some of them are still interesting nonetheless. But which Internet box without commitment to choose? In this article, discover the non-binding internet boxes available on the market with very attractive features, services and prices.

Top 3 of the best internet boxes without commitment

There are several non-binding Internet offers at competitive rates that offer Internet access via ADSL or fiber optic. However, to benefit from an internet box without any duration condition, you may need to skip certain services. It is perfectly possible to locate an internet subscription that meets your needs. Here are the ISPs that offer good plans without commitments:

The Red box of RED by SFR without commitment at 19 euros per month

The RED Box is still on sale with a first month free. Working perfectly on the SFR network, this internet box is offered without obligation at only 19 euros per month for 12 months. Beyond that, the price rises to 29 euros per month only for the optical fiber formula with an ultra-fast connection of 500 Mb / s in downlink speed and 500 Mb / s in uplink. On the other hand, no price increase is planned for the ADSL formula. Since this subscription is without any commitment, you will have the possibility to terminate it whenever you wish.

Regarding services, subscription to the RED Box includes unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France, overseas departments and more than 100 countries, but also to mobiles in France at no additional cost. In addition, you will enjoy 35 free television channels accessible via the RED TV application on smartphone, tablet and PC/Mac. As a bonus, 10 GB of storage on the SFR Cloud space is offered. This dual play subscription from RED by SFR offers several additional services in addition to its basic formula. Options of several kinds which aim to enrich this promotional offer in order to improve the potential speed or to benefit from a more complete television offer.

The modem provided by subscribing to this offer is the SFR Box 7 compatible with WiFi 5. It is still possible to benefit from the brand new SFR Box 8 and its WiFi 6 with an internet connection 3 times faster allowing you to enjoy a speed up to 1 Gb/s for downloading and 700 Mb/s for uploading against an additional 7 euros per month. It is also possible to obtain the TV decoder offered at 29 euros on promotion instead of 60 euros. It integrates the best audio and video technologies: 4K HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos etc… As an option, 100 channels for only 4 euros per month to enrich the TV package of the Red box from RED by SFR.

La Boite Sosh without commitment in promotion at 14.99 euros per month

La Boite Sosh is the Internet box offered by Sosh including Internet access in ADSL or fiber. Benefiting from the quality of the Orange network infrastructures, the Sosh box guarantees an internet connection of up to 95 Mb/s in ADSL and a very high speed of up to 300 Mbits/s in downloading, 300 Mbits/s in fiber optic transmission. The internet box offer at Sosh also includes unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France, the overseas departments and to more than 100 international destinations in addition to unlimited calls to mobiles in the 4 destinations in North America (States States, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska).

The Sosh fiber box is supplied with the fiber optic box (ONT) in addition to the Livebox 5 modem characterized by intelligent Wifi which allows a stable and more efficient wifi connection for all the devices in the home. Easy to install, the Livebox 5 configures itself once plugged in. As for the Sosh ADSL Box, it gives access to a Livebox 4 modem which can be controlled from a smartphone using the My Livebox application. The latter gives the possibility of optimizing the wifi in the accommodation, controlling internet access and ensuring the proper functioning of services. A Wifi Repeater 6 will also be provided, because associated with the Livebox 4, it offers an optimal and fluid wifi network in all rooms of the house.

The Sosh internet box can be enhanced with various paid options. Unlimited calls to mobiles are not included in this offer. It will therefore be necessary to add an option at 5 euros per month to take advantage of this advantage. To benefit from the TV decoder which allows access to 140 TV channels, including more than 70 HD channels, on your television, on mobile, tablet and computer, you will have to pay an additional 5 euros per month. With the Orange TV app, it is possible to have free access to 72 TV channels, but these will only be available on tablets and smartphones.

This subscription is only 14.99 euros per month until December 19, but increases to 29.99 euros per month in fiber after 12 months, and 14.99 euros per month in ADSL and increases to 19.99 € after 12 months. La Boite Sosh is non-binding. You will therefore have the possibility of canceling your subscription at any time without any penalty to be paid.

The Freebox Pop without commitment at 29.99 euros per month

The Freebox Pop, also called Freebox V8, is one of the Free operator’s internet boxes available in ADSL, VDSL and Fiber subject to accommodation eligibility. With its round shape and very compact design, the Freebox Pop is ultra-efficient. With its exclusive services and ultra-fast fiber speeds, Free’s POP internet package has everything to be ranked among the best internet boxes on the market. The Freebox Pop is a triple play offer that combines high-speed internet, television service and landline telephony.

Offered with a wifi repeater included and a 4K TV box at a rate of 29.99 euros per month the first year, whether in Fiber or ADSL, then 39.99 euros per month from the following year. The biggest advantage of the Freebox Pop is that the offer is valid without obligation. In addition, when you subscribe to the Freebox Pop offer, you can have up to 100 euros refunded on all of your termination costs for your old internet box subscription.

The fiber version of the Freebox Pop offers the best performance in terms of internet speed. Thanks to FTTH technology, there is no loss of bandwidth power until the end of the internet connection. With Fiber Free, which is 100 times faster than ADSL, the Freebox Pop delivers 5 Gb/s for downloading files and 700 Mb/s for uploading. To mention that the Freebox Delta is the only one on the market that does better with 8 Gb/s. The Freebox Pop is so powerful that you won’t feel any degradation in speed, even when connecting many devices to your internet network at the same time.

The Freebox Pop is also compatible with ADSL and VDSL depending on the eligibility of the accommodation. The ADSL version of the Freebox Pop offers internet speeds of up to 15 Mbit/s in download speed, and up to 1 Mb/s in upload speed. The Freebox Pop ADSL offer is only accessible to people living in unbundled areas. Free also offers the Freebox Pop in a VDSL version, which offers much higher performance than with ADSL. Indeed, VDSL makes it possible to have a speed of up to 50 Mb/s in downlink speed and up to 8 Mb/s in uplink speed depending on the length of the line up to the connection point.

The Freebox Pop includes a free WiFi repeater that allows you to extend the WiFi connection throughout your home. Its intelligent functions allow you to enjoy exceptional quality Wi-Fi in all rooms of your home and move around with complete peace of mind. The installation of the Pop wifi repeater is automatic. Just plug it in and it’s ready to use.

The Freebox Pop is accompanied by the Freebox Pop TV box which gives you free access to 220 TV channels, in addition to many replay channels. Applications such as YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are accessible directly on your TV as well as cost-free access to your television on smartphone, iPad, Apple TV and Smart TV thanks to the OQEE by Free app.

With Freebox Pop, you can make unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, overseas departments and certain destinations such as the United States, China, Canada and Cambodia, but also to landlines in more than 110 international destinations.

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Which no-commitment internet box to choose?

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