Which 5G mobile plan should I choose?

Having a good mobile plan allows you to stay in touch with your loved ones whenever you want and wherever you are. With the development of the 5G mobile network, you can enjoy an ultra-strong connection. However, it is often difficult to know which 5G mobile plan to choose and at what price. It is advisable to compare the offers offered by telephone operators to choose the mobile plan that best suits your needs. Discover in this article our comparison of the 5G packages currently available in France in order to easily make the right choice.

Top 5 Best 5G Mobile Plans

A 5G mobile plan is a plan that allows you to benefit from the performance of the 5th generation of mobile telephone networks which succeeds 4G, with an even higher speed and greatly reduced latency. Thus, 5G will allow you to benefit from a better speed to benefit from a fast download of your videos (films/series, etc.) with UHD quality and ultra-smooth vision. But note that to benefit from a 5G mobile plan, you must first live in an area covered by 5G. Well again, you will need to equip yourself with a smartphone compatible with the new mobile network and subscribe to a 5G mobile plan.

5G Free mobile plan: 210 GB at 19.99 euros

Among the largest operators in France, Free Mobile is the one that offers the most affordable 5G mobile plan. With a huge 5G envelope, without commitment and at the lowest price. For only 19.99 euros per month, you can benefit from 210GB of data usable in France as well as 25GB per month to be used from abroad. This package also includes unlimited SMS/MMS in addition to unlimited calls from France to mobiles and landlines in France, USA, Canada, overseas departments and to landlines in 100 countries, but also unlimited calls, SMS, MMS from Europe, DOM, USA, Canada, to metropolitan France.

Freebox customers benefit from a reduction of 4 euros, bringing the price down to 15.99 euros. As for Freebox Pop subscribers, they have a discount of 10 euros, lowering the price to 9.99 euros. The internet plan is unlimited in both cases.

By subscribing to this package, you can benefit from several advantages such as an ultra-fast speed that can go up to 3 times more than 4G, more connectivity due to intelligent technology for a stable connection even in busy conditions. , wide coverage deployed over 84% of French territory with lower energy consumption. This 100% Free offer includes 5G in this Free Mobile plan at no additional cost and without commitment.

Cdiscount Mobile 5G package: 130 GB at 18.99 euros

Cdiscount Mobile offers a 5G mobile plan at only 18.99 euros per month, without commitment. It offers a nice data envelope with 130 GB of mobile internet, with which you can surf the internet, watch your favorite movies and series in streaming, listen to music, work remotely and chat with your loved ones via messaging instant.

In France and abroad, Cdiscount Mobile offers a complete telephony service through its 5G package. In fact, you benefit from unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles as well as unlimited SMS and MMS to mobiles in mainland France, to the overseas departments and to landlines in 30 international destinations. You will also benefit from the same services in addition to 25 GB of internet from Europe and the overseas departments.

Cdiscount’s 5G mobile plan is the only offer to include free access to its 5G network.

Orange 5G mobile plan: 140 GB at 20.99 euros

Orange now offers the third plan on the podium of the best 5G mobile plans in France. At 20.99 euros per month for one year instead of 32.99 euros per month, you will benefit from unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from the Europe, DOM, Switzerland/Andorra zones to these zones and to France. . In addition to a data envelope of 140 GB usable in France in addition to 80 GB usable in the Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra zones.

This reduction of 12 euros per month for 12 months is only valid for any new subscription. This discount is applicable from the 1st invoice provided that you have not terminated any Orange offer during the last three months.

Orange also offers you the Multi-SIM Internet option which allows you to have a 2nd SIM card on request for a second phone, tablet or Airbox with free activation.

Also find Orange 5G mobile plans, with a 24-month commitment, but which include a more demanding data envelope:

  • 5G mobile plan of 150 GB at 29.99 euros for one year then 44.99 euros per month
  • 220 GB 5G mobile plan at 49.99 euros for one year then 64.99 euros per month

5G SFR mobile plan: 140 GB at 21 euros

SFR offers a reduction of €12 per month for 12 months for any new subscription to the 5G 140 GB mobile plan. This package is only €21 per month for one year then €33 per month, without commitment.

By subscribing to this plan, you will benefit from 140 GB of mobile internet in 4G and 5G in metropolitan France usable in the areas covered with an offer and a 5G compatible terminal as well as unlimited calls, SMS & MMS also unlimited from France to all landlines and mobiles in mainland France and the overseas departments.

From abroad, you benefit from 100 GB of mobile internet to use from Europe, the overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra, unlimited calls, unlimited SMS & MMS from Europe, the overseas departments, Switzerland and Andorra. Finally, if you are a Box SFR subscriber, you can benefit from an additional reduction of 6 euros on the 140 GB package.

SFR also offers several 5G mobile plans that may interest you, with or without commitment, with a much larger internet envelope:

  • 5G mobile plan of 150 GB + smartphone at 30 euros for 12 months then 45 euros per month (with 24-month commitment)
  • 220 GB 5G mobile plan, without commitment, at 50 euros for one year then 65 euros per month

Mobile plan The giant of Prixtel with the 5G option from 12.99 euros

Prixtel in turn offers flexible packages, giving its subscribers the opportunity to benefit from 3 levels per package with a customizable Data volume. The principle of the packages is to pay according to your consumption. If you exceed the volume of the level to which you have been subscribed, you automatically go to the next level; the following month, if you consume less then you go back to the lower level. Please note that the Prixtel packages are non-binding.

If you prefer customizable 5G mobile plans, opt for The price giant with the 5G option. In this way, you will pay according to the mobile Internet that you consume. The giant was initially presented as a 4G package, Prixtel offers you to benefit from 5G thanks to this option for only 5 additional euros per month, without commitment.

  • If you consume between 0 and 140 GB, you pay 12.99 euros per month the first year, then 15.99 euros per month (+ 5 euros per month for the 5G option)
  • If you consume between 140 GB and 170 GB, you pay 15.99 euros per month for the first year, then 18.99 euros per month (+ 5 euros per month for the 5G option)
  • If you consume between 170 GB and 200 GB, you pay 18.99 euros per month for the first year, then 21.99 euros per month (+ 5 euros per month for the 5G option)

Le Géant de Prixtel allows you to benefit from SFR’s quality 4G/5G network and flexible, non-binding offers in addition to 20 GB of data from the European Union and the overseas departments + Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and from the EU and the DOM + Unlimited calls to the USA, Canada and landlines in the EU and the DOM.

Finally, it is important to note that at prixtel, the packages are CO2 neutral. The operator is committed to reducing its carbon footprint to help preserve the planet by developing CO2 reduction projects through the planting of more than 40,000 trees in France.

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Which 5G mobile plan should I choose?

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