When is the best time to sell or buy a used iPhone?

Are you about to sell your old iPhone or are you planning to buy a used iPhone? Now might not be the perfect time to get started. We explain why.

UpTradeIt, an American specialist in the resale of used telephones, is interested in the evolution of the value of iPhones sold on the second-hand market. First of all, remember that the iPhone depreciates half as fast as Android smartphones. Despite everything, the price of iPhone fluctuates enormously in the months and years following their release on the market, depending on supply and demand. The moment of purchase or resale will therefore have an impact on the finances of the sellers or buyers.

To achieve good business, UpTradeIt recommendswait until after christmas to invest in a second-hand iPhone. According to the data collected by the website, the price of used Apple smartphones does indeed tend to drop at this time of the year. By waiting, you could take advantage of the general market discount.

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December 25, the day iPhone prices change

Conversely, we recommend that you do not put your old iPhone on sale after the Christmas period. As UpTradeIt explains, the resale price of iPhones has rather tendency to climb in the weeks preceding the holiday season. If you plan to get rid of your old phone, we advise you to take advantage of it and put it on sale during the month of December.

It is a matter of common sense. When the holiday season approaches, demand for second-hand iPhones skyrockets. Clearly, many people are looking for an older generation smartphone to offer it to a loved one. Prices therefore increase mechanically at this time. Once the holiday excitement is over, demand plummets, while supply increases. Under the tree, many lucky people have indeed found a brand new phone. They then put their old smartphone up for sale on the second-hand market. This influx of terminals creates an inevitable imbalance between supply and demand.


Data shared by UpTradeIt proves it: the value of an iPhone soars as Christmas approaches and plummets after December 25th. The specialized website has analyzed the evolution of iPhone prices at Christmas 2020 and Christmas 2021.

For example, the iPhone 6 Plus, a former flagship of the brand, lost more than 20% of its value on average after December 25. The depreciation is less pronounced on newer models, such as the iPhone 12. Nevertheless, theiPhone 12 Pro Maxthe high-end flagship of late 2020, has lost 5% of its resale value after Christmas Eve. The iPhone 11 Pro also depreciated by nearly 10% over Christmas. Only two editions escape the rule, the iPhone 12 mini, a model whose sales turned out to be catastrophicand the iPhone 7.

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When is the best time to sell or buy a used iPhone?

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