What were the most searched words on the internet in 2022?

“Playful”, “NFT”, “queen consort”Le Figaro looks back at the words you’ve probably typed into your search bar this year.

They are indicative of an era. This year again, Google has established its list of the most searched words of the year. TikTok fad, international conflict, societal controversies… These terms refer pell-mell to the events of our year that have shaped the news. Anthology.


“In your opinion, is the game still fun?”We remember the controversy triggered by the subject of the professional baccalaureate French test. Some high school students had indeed considered the word complicated, giving it the meaning of “dangerous” or “profitable”. Remember that this word, from the Latin “ludus”designates what has the characteristics of the game.

Queen consort, Russian oligarch, the words of the international

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, following her Platinum Jubilee in June, the first by a British monarch. If the majority of French people know that it is an anniversary, few know that a golden jubilee celebrates 50 years of reign, and a platinum jubilee 70 years. Proof of this is that demand on Google has exploded. Like that of the definition of “queen consort”, up 2450%. No wonder, because the new title of Camille Parker Bowls had not been worn in England since…1852. The British royal family has therefore not finished seducing across the Channel.

In the background of the war in Ukraine, it is the term of “Russian oligarch” which intrigued the French the most. Many know oligarchy as an old Greek notion, which refers to the rule of the few. Few know that even without specifying their nationality, it most often refers to Russian businessmen. Acronym “NATO”, organization of the North Atlantic Treaty, also appears in the most searched terms. This military alliance was created on April 4, 1949.

Wokism and resilience, two polemical extensions of meaning

The term of “wokism” caused a lot of ink to flow for the second consecutive year. And he’s still confused. The linguist Bernard Cerquiglini, author ofAn orphan language (Les Editions de Minuit) explained to Figaro to have “closely followed the Larousse way of defining it. It must be defined by saying ‘for some it is about’, because some do not recognize themselves in the definition given”. In third position comes the term “resilience”, very invoked for Emmanuel Macron. It was originally a physical notion that was defined as the resistance of a material to shock, which then came to qualify in psychology the ability to rebound after a trauma.

NFT and POV, the acronyms of digital

You have surely typed it in your search bar this year, without the notion becoming clearer. The term NFT, English acronym for “non-fungible token”, denotes non-fungible tokens(non-replaceable) to which a digital identity is attached. As for the term POV (Point of view shot), he is trending on TikTok and Instagram videos. It designates a type of shot that allows the public to adopt its field of vision. We could translate it as “subjective camera”.

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What were the most searched words on the internet in 2022?

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