What to do in case of error 80 on my Freebox?

Why does my Freebox display the error code ER80?

If the Freebox Server modem associated with your free internet offer does not display the time and displays an error code, be aware that this message corresponds to a specific malfunction which can, in certain cases, be resolved simply and quickly.

In the case of an “Error 80” code on your Freebox, this means that your box is correctly connected to the Free network but that an identification problem on the ADSL line remains. More specifically, error 80 on a Freebox is an identification problem related to the MAC address.

This Free ER80 identification problem is only possible in unbundled ADSL zones and can be caused for several reasons:

  • the Freebox is connected to the correct location of the DSLAM in the telephone exchange, however the latter is not yet identified in the databases of your operator

  • the Freebox is correctly connected to a DSLAM Free but it is not on the right location, in this case it may be a question of an error on the part of the Orange operator who may reverse the lines;

  • your Freebox is correctly connected to the DSLAM, but under a bad identification. This problem, although less frequent, therefore prevents the authentication of your Free device.

How do I fix the error code 80 problem on my Freebox?

To solve the malfunction linked to error code 80 on your Freebox and thus see the time displayed on your Server, you can first perform a “reboot”, i.e. restart your Free internet box . Remember that in most cases, simply restarting your box equipment can solve the problem encountered. To do this, simply unplug and then reconnect your Free box. You can also restart it directly on the box by going to the “System” sub-menu then selecting “Restart” so that your Server Free searches for the various updates during its Reboot.

If error 80 is displayed again on the screen of your Freebox after restarting it, you can then try to reset your box. Resetting the Freebox can, in fact, allow the MAC address to be updated and therefore resolve the malfunction linked to identification.

To proceed with the reinitialization of your Freebox Server, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Disconnect then reconnect the Freebox modem power supply,
  2. Press a key on the right of the screen as soon as the Free logo appears,
  3. Select one of the 3 startup modes:

  • “Normal start” : no change is made to your box, your Freebox will restart normally

  • “Emergency start” : all parameters and settings (Wi-Fi, router, shares, etc.) as well as the hard disk are temporarily disabled to optimize the start-up of your Server. Note, however, that all services are then restored after a simple restart.

  • “Factory setting” : All parameters and settings as well as the hard disk are erased.

It is recommended to choose an “emergency start” in the event of this malfunction. You will be able to recover your settings by then simply restarting your Freebox Server.

And if despite your various manipulations (restarting and resetting the Freebox), the error code 80 is displayed again on your Free box, all you have to do is report this malfunction to the operator’s customer service so that the latter does what is necessary so that your Freebox can identify itself and display the time.

How do I contact Free support if my Freebox displays error code 80?

Several solutions are available to you to contact Free. In particular, you can reach Free assistance by telephone by dialing 3244. This Free telephone number is accessible every day from 7 am to midnight and free from a Free line or charged the price of a normal call from another line.

You can also be put in contact with a Free adviser thanks to the Free assistance service by webcam (in video/audio) via your PC, mobile or tablet. The Face To Free service is offered free of charge with your Freebox credentials.

How to continue to benefit from Internet in the event of problem with its Server Free?

In the event of a problem with your Free Internet box, in particular the display of an error code 80, you can access the Internet via other alternatives while waiting for the resolution of the malfunction.

You can, for example, share a connection with your smartphone to access the Internet on your computer. However, you should know that the modem mode uses the mobile data of your plan. You must therefore be careful if you do not have a data-rich mobile internet envelope with your package.

Another alternative for taking advantage of the Internet in the event of a problem with your Freebox, the Free Wifi community wifi network. The Free Wifi public network is accessible free of charge for all Free subscribers, wherever they are, on their computers or mobiles, thanks to the Freebox subscriber base transformed into FreeWifi access points.

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What to do in case of error 80 on my Freebox?

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