What is the Internet’s most popular liquor brand?

This is no longer a surprise. Today, the spirits market – those spirits that have been outdated for too long like gin, whisky, rum or armagnac – is smiling broadly and in iron health. According to the latest figures from the industry, as many spirits were drunk in 2021 as in the 1960s, the very good era for these products.

Spirits, a booming sector
The market has been able to reinvent itself by developing solid commercial, marketing and technical strategies that have changed the consumption habits of older amateurs, but especially of the youngest – especially with cocktails and mixology – all eager to have top-of-the-range spirits. range with ancestral know-how. And whether in France or abroad, the purchase and consumption of French spirits broke records in 2021 with sales up 28% for a historic level of 15.5 billion euros according to a report published by the Federation of Wine and Spirits Exporters of France (FEVS). This mainly points to the driving role of the United States, the leading export market for blue, white and red alcohols, up 34% in 2021 with the lifting of taxes imposed by the former Trump administration.

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With this observation, consumers are more and more interested in the world of spirits and therefore document themselves more, especially on the Internet, a veritable mine of wine information for Internet users. The British company Fentimans, which specializes in the alcoholic beverages market, has thus counted thousands of data in order to analyze which brand of spirits is the most searched for on the web according to the volume of searches, mentions of the brand on various media like Twitter or even according to the followers of the Instagram accounts of spirits companies.

Hennessy cognacs: kings of the Internet and social networks
The gold medal goes to cognacs from the merchant Hennessy, followed – from afar – by various brands, especially vodkas, such as AU (Vodka), Captain Morgan (rum), Smirnoff (Vodka), Ciroc (Vodka), Tanqueray (Gin ), Bacardi (rum) or even Gray Goose and Absolut (vodka).

Alcohols from Hennessy – a subsidiary of the LVMH group – produced on a small piece of Charente territory for more than two centuries are, in fact, the most popular products on the Internet with an average engagement and activity rate of Internet users far outpacing all other companies. Hennessy is therefore not only the most searched company on the Google search engine, but it is also the most followed on Instagram – more than 700,000 subscribers – and finally the most mentioned on the Twitter platform.

This result can be explained, on the one hand, by the notoriety of the company – it is the world leader in Cognac eaux-de-vie in the world – which was founded in 1765, when Richard Hennessy, an Irish officer in the service of the King of France, founded the eponymous brand with two compatriots. On the other hand, Hennessy smacks of the values ​​of authenticity, French art of living, craftsmanship and excellence, which strongly appeal to consumers, especially Americans – the United States being the driving force behind the market. export of Hennessy cognacs – followed by Asians. Finally, Hennessy crystallizes a real fashion effect in the world – again and especially across the Atlantic with the African-American population and this, since the 1970s – by multiplying marketing actions and limited editions, which strongly fuels the appetite of amateurs. The brand of cognac is also the most quoted – and shown – in songs and clips by famous American rappers such as Drake, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Nas and Kanye West. A “bling-bling” effect that contributes a lot to its success.

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What is the Internet’s most popular liquor brand?

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