What is the best box to enjoy a 4K Android TV decoder?

Smart-TVs are democratizing and constantly competing to offer us ever more incredible image and sound quality. 4K technology, for example, is an image 4 times sharper than Full HD, breathtaking colors, pixel-precise slow motion: you can enjoy the explosions of the latest Blockbuster, or the slow motion of the most beautiful goal of the year!

And to take full advantage of it, it becomes essential to choose an Internet offer with a latest generation 4K Android TV decoder. Thus equipped, it is also easier to access your favorite applications, or TV control functions.

Bouygues Telecom’s Bbox Must: a hyper-competitive price

The Bbox Must, this is the fiber offer Bouygues Telecom’s mid-range. It appears for a year at 24.99€ per monthclearly the best price of the moment to take advantage of the Android 4K decoder included. Quite comfortable to use for a classic family, the 1 Gb/s fiber rate downlink (and 700 Mb/s uphill) is very comfortable, and the Wi-Fi 6 technology of the modem allows a simultaneous use on several screens without loss of speed. The formula also includes:

  • the unlimited telephony on landlines and mobiles, and France and to 110 international destinations
  • access to more than 180 TV channelsto the application B.tvand at the SVoD
  • 100 hours of recording available (128 GB of storage exactly)
  • the remote vocal

The Bbox Must is clearly acclaimed by Bouygues Telecom subscribers. We will only regret:

  1. that the Wi-Fi repeater is not included
  2. that the Wi-Fi option of the TV decoder is paying (5€/ month)
  3. and that the price increases a little too much in the 2nd year: 42 euros by rounding up.

The Freebox Pop and its supercharged sidekick: the Player Pop

5 Gb/s of shared download speed, including 2.5 on an Ethernet port: it goes fast, very fast! This is almost the fastest throughput of the fiber market. The price remains just below the psychological threshold of thirty euros: €29.99 the first yearbut only 10 euros more the second.

We find the classic telephony offer: calls unlimited, on landlines and mobiles, in mainland France and in more than a hundred countries. Let’s save the best for last: Freebox Popwhich also communicates via Wi-Fi 6, comes with a pretty little round white box, the “player”. It is :

  • a 4K Android TV decoder, HDR compatible with Dolby Vision, Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos, or surround 5., for sound distributed over several speakers
  • the iFree OQEE interface integrated, for ergonomic and intuitive access to all your content and live control functions
  • the voice control thanks to Google Air Play and Chromecast
  • the repeater includedfor larger dwellings

As a bonus, we love the months offered to Canal+ Series (for 1 year), Prime Vidéo (for 6 months), and Disney+ (for 3 months) to discover the catalogs of videos on demand free of charge. Access to the Free Ligue 1 app is included, as are 100 hours of cloud recording. It almost looks like a Premium subscription. And when we know that the Free 5G mobile plan is only half price for a double subscription…

The SFR Fiber Power box: compact price for a complete offer

In the top three of the best offers with decoder, we find without surprise the Box SFR Fiber Power. The decoder provided by SFR is the Connect TV box compatible with Android, 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos sound. That SFR fiber offer is offered at a median price of 26 euros the first year, 43 the second, the equivalent of the Bbox Must. On the other hand, the service offer is more substantial:

  • Fiber speed up to 2 Gbpsand connection WiFi 6
  • Same phone service to that of its competitors
  • 200 channels TV and replay in free access: the embarrassment of choice
  • Included: either Netflix or Disney+ free for 6 months

Our final tip? Before investing in a fiber subscription, it is better check their eligibility by testing their address here.

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What is the best box to enjoy a 4K Android TV decoder?

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