What is Orange’s 4G and 5G coverage in Seine-Maritime at the end of 2022?

December is the traditional month of balance sheets. The national telephone operator Orange has just updated its coverage map of Seine-Maritime in 4G and 5G.

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In 2022, the national public operator Orange continued its investments in Seine-Maritime to strengthen the mobile telephone network and guarantee the best mobile coverage.

€100,000 per antenna

To date, Orange has 460 mobile relay antennas active in 4G in the department of which 21 new ones were commissioned in 2022 in the following municipalities: Blainville-Crevon, Bois d’Ennebourg, Penly, Criquetot-l’Esneval, Envermeu, Etalleville, Etoutteville, Héricourt-en-Caux, Mannevillette, Mont-Cauvaire, Ocqueville, Ouainville, Montmain, Préaux, Sausseuzemare, Saint-Maclou-de-Folleville, Saint-Paër, Saint-Riquier-ès-Plains, Saint-Sauveur-d’Emalleville, Sainte-Austreberthe, Tourville-la-Chapelle.

On average, the investment for the commissioning of a new 4G mobile relay antenna amounts to 100,000 euros.

The 5G web extends in Seine-Maritime

At the same time, Orange continued to roll out the new 5G mobile network.

At the end of 2022, 60 municipalities are open in 5G including 34 new ones in 2022 : Arques-la-Bataille, Barentin, Caudebec-lès-Elbeuf, Cléon, Darnétal, Dieppe, Etretat, Fécamp, Fontaine-la-Mallet, Fontaine-le-Bourg, Fontaine-sous-Préaux, Gouy, Hautot-sur-Mer , Le Tréport, Les Authieux-sur-le-Port-Saint-Ouen, Martigny, Martin-Eglise, Oissel, Pavilly, Pissy-Pôville, Roncherolles-sur-le-Vivier, Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles, Saint-Aubin-Celloville, Saint-Aubin -le-Cauf, Saint-Aubin-sur-Scie, Sainte-Marie-des-Champs, Saint-Georges-sur-Fontaine, Saint-Germain-sous-Cailly, Sotteville-lès-Rouen, Tourville-la-Rivière, Valliquerville , Villers-Ecalles, Ymare, Yvetot.

To offer 5G, Orange does not build new mobile sites but installs its 5G antennas on existing pylons.

“Keeping in touch with your family and working from home have become essential. In 2022, we continued to strengthen the quality and scope of Orange’s mobile coverage. We have “turned on” 67 new 4G relay antennas in 2022 in Normandy and we cover 102 additional municipalities in 5G. To date in Normandy, we have 1,359 4G mobile relay antennas and we cover 155 municipalities in 5G. We confirm Orange’s ambition: to offer the best network wherever it matters to our customers. For the 12th consecutive year, Arcep has ranked Orange as the leader in the mobile network”Explain Marc Maouche, Orange Normandy Regional Delegate.

To check “your” mobile coverage in Seine-Maritime, you can click on the map regularly updated by Orange.

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What is Orange’s 4G and 5G coverage in Seine-Maritime at the end of 2022?

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