What Internet solutions for my second home?

Whether weekends or all summer, you want to fully enjoy your second home. For this, you only need one thing: a high-performance Internet offer. Only, when you have to choose from all the subscriptions on the market, you are lost. We understand, and you are not alone. In order to help you, we share all the solutions at your disposal as well as our online comparator to find the one that will satisfy you perfectly.

Do you have a residence where you go on weekends or during holidays? Good news: you are one of the 3.5 million French people in this situation. However, even if you don’t spend the majority of the year there, you still need an internet connection when you are there. You are therefore wondering if it is useful to take out a second subscription or if other solutions are more advantageous. This is perfectly normal. In order to enlighten you, we present all your possibilities.

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How do I choose my Internet offer for my second home?

Many consumers with a second home wonder if it is possible to obtain two subscriptions on the same line. If this solution would save money and take full advantage of a single package, this is not possible. It is mandatory to subscribe to a new offer: a first for your main residence and a second for your secondary residence. Similarly, if it was formerly possible, it is no longer possible to suspend your subscription when you leave your apartment for the weekend or the holidays.

Faced with the obligation to subscribe to a second subscription, an important question must be asked upstream in order to ensure that you are paying for an offer that will meet all your needs. And this, even if it is used in a more punctual way.

How will you use your subscription?

Indeed, the subscription will be different from a person using the Internet only to browse from time to time than a person surfing very extensively. Once this question is answered, you will be able to select the best offer.

Installing the Internet in your second home: all the alternative solutions

In order to obtain a high-performance Internet connection in your second home, several solutions are available. Overview.

The Internet Box

The first solution is obviously the Internet box, like the one present in your main residence. It will allow you to benefit from a quality connection as soon as you need it. In order to save money, given its reduced use, it is better to turn to a “simple” offer, without adding different options that will increase its monthly price.

In addition, there are more and more boxes without commitment. This solution will allow you to break your contract without constraint or additional costs as soon as you wish.

The 4G key

Another very practical temporary solution: the 4G key. The latter put forward by the majority of access providers. All you have to do is connect the key to the device of your choice (smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.) in order to quickly take advantage of the Internet. According to the suppliers, it can be in the form of a pocket box.

The Wi-Fi Hotspot

As a customer of your access provider, you have the possibility of connecting to its Wifi hotspot completely free of charge. To do this, simply contact your supplier so that he can send you the login ID and password. Then you just have to enjoy your connection.

This solution can cause two problems:

  • As anyone can connect to it, it is slower than a personal connection.
  • For the same reason, security is weaker.

The Wifi hotspot can be considered as an advantageous short-term alternative solution, but not in the long term.

connection sharing

Nowadays, smartphones are more and more powerful. With a suitable package, these can quickly turn into a full-fledged box. Thanks to the “Connection sharing” feature, it is possible to use your mobile plan and connect it to your computer, tablet or television.

For this alternative solution, it is necessary to have a fairly substantial data plan. We recommend at least 100 GB. Otherwise, you could quickly find yourself without Internet in your second home but also on your smartphone.

satellite internet

Finally, a last solution is possible, especially if your residence is in a white or poorly served area: satellite internet. For this, it is necessary to install a satellite dish in your home. The latter will allow you to obtain a quality connection and just as fluid as ADSL or optical fiber.

Note that this offer is less generalized at the present time. However, three providers will have the offer you need: Nordnet, SkyDSL and Numerisat.

How do I choose?

Once you have all the information in your hands, it’s time to make a choice. To do this, you must first think about your needs. So, ask yourself:

  • Are you going to use your subscription on a fairly regular basis (half the year, for example) or only on weekends and a few weeks during holidays?
  • Do you use the internet extensively?
  • Are several of you connecting to WiFi?
  • Is your secondary residence well served by the Internet network?

If the Internet will be anecdotal in your daily life, it is better to move towards the hotspot or connection sharing. Otherwise, an Internet box or a 4G key will seduce you. Finally, if the connection is poor, turn directly to a satellite offer.

To help you make your choice among the offers but also the access providers, we offer you our online comparator. Depending on your needs, you can discover the best current subscriptions for your second home in just a few clicks.

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What Internet solutions for my second home?

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