What internet offer for a second home?

3.5 million : it’s the number of second homes in France. They are obviously found a lot by the sea in the PACA, Brittany, Normandy, Corsica, or Vendée regions. It also develops in the countryside and in the mountains, Savoie in the lead. And since holidays do not necessarily rhyme with “digital diet”, it is legitimate to wonder how to equip this second accommodation in an efficient way. The main criterion of choice is the use of this secondary residence: the frequency with which one goes there, and the number of days inhabited per year.

A box all year round: safe and effective

If you live in Paris, but your horse is waiting for you at least twice a month in Normandy,

If you work in Rennes, but the family home near Saint-Malo is occupied by you or someone in the family every week,

In summary: if the residence is occupied regularly, then no need to procrastinate, it is better to choose a box year-round.

Two strategies are available to you:

  1. Seek a low-cost internet subscription : you can easily find a package today below the 20 euro mark, TV decoder included
  2. Look for operators who offer a “second offer” discountas Orange does on its Livebox (9 euros discount on the 2nd subscription)

The choice of 4G

Your residence is at the other end of France, and you will spend a month there every summer. No question of giving up following your favorite series, and a connection often proves to be very practical when the weather is not at the rendezvous! Out of the question to open a line for these few weeks, since after check network coverage at your addressthe 4G/5G network seems excellent.

What will be the most economical and effective solution?

  • Strategy number 1 : subscribe to a Premium internet offer from Bouygues Telecom, SFR or Orange. These high-end packages offer guaranteed internet access providing an associated 4G Box free of charge at the Main Box, and a few tens of free gigabytes as a bonus.
  • Strategy number 2 : increase the size of their mobile plan, and share your 4G connection. Better aim then a package of at least 100 gigabytes, or even more. Or have an adjustable package, as with Youprice and Prixtel. Unless you make a “common pot” by pooling all the family packages, and educate yourself in solidarity and sobriety!

To choose the best solution, it is essential to carefully analyze your needs, and to know the eligibility of your secondary residence. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How often do you live in your second home?
  • Do you rent it during the rest of the year or during certain holidays?
  • Is your house or apartment eligible for fiber or only ADSL?
  • Do you pick up the mobile networks of Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free?

Unless you simply prefer to “disconnect” for a weekend or a week by limiting digital temptations!

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What internet offer for a second home?

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