Wednesday: this 1980s title brought up to date by the Netflix series

This is the series of the moment on Netflix. In just two weeks since her arrival on November 23, Wednesday has recorded some 752.52 million hours watched worldwide, which already makes it the third most popular English-language series on the N rouge platform. A deserved popularity, which propels its actors into the light, but not only. A title from the 1980s, accompanying the iconic dance scene of Jenna Ortega, meets with new success thanks to the show.

This is THE phenomenon of this end of the year. Wednesday, produced in particular by Tim Burton, has been available for less than a month on Netflix but is already making a lot of noise. Dedicated to the eldest daughter of the mythical and macabre Addams family, the series deals with subjects related to adolescence through self-construction, difference, social rejection, in a relatively modern environment. And one of the most striking moments of this teen drama mixing horror and mystery is undoubtedly the frenzied dance of Wednesday, in episode 4. Personal and offbeat, the choreography was entirely imagined by Jenna Ortega, interpreter of the Addams girl, as she revealed herself in a recent interview. The American actress thus explained to the magazine NME :

“I choreographed that myself! (…) I’m not a dancer and I’m sure it shows. I had received the song about a week before and I just took what I wanted from it. could…”.

The song in question: a title that dates from 1981, named Goo Goo Muck. The choice of this track, by The Cramps, for this scene that has instantly become cult is not insignificant. It fits directly into the gothic and punk movement of the 1980s, whose Mercredi sports, at least in part, the look. If during the Nevermore ball, we can also hear the title Physical of the very contemporary Dua Lipa, it is indeed the song of The Cramps which is directly associated with the frenzied and so singular dance of Mercredi.

A 5,000% jump in Goo Goo Muck plays

Neither one nor two, here is this title from the album Psychedelic Jungle enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, more than 30 years after its release. The magazine Billboard indeed reports that the tapping of Goo Goo Muck on music platforms increased by 5,000% in five days, reaching some 134,000 daily streams on November 28, compared to only 2,500 before the release of Wednesday on Netflix.

While the song has also become popular on TikTok, where many fans try to replicate Jenna Ortega’s dance moves, this success is not unlike that which another 1980s hit found thanks to a previous creation. original from the platform at N red. We are obviously talking about Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush, which rose to the top of the charts in several countries after the release of season 4 of Stranger Thingseven though it had “only” reached third place in the British charts when it was released in 1985…

What to keep hope for Goo Goo Muck of The Cramps, given the growing success of Wednesday on Netflix. During its first week on the platform, the series had indeed accumulated 341.2 million hours viewed, to which were added 411.29 million new hours of viewing the following week. The show has already become the streaming giant’s third most popular English-language series. Will he be able to catch the number one, Stranger Things precisely, whose season 4 exceeded the symbolic bar of one billion hours viewed in 28 days?

If you haven’t succumbed to the call of the trend yet, it’s far from too late: go to Netflix now to discover the phenomenon Wednesday !

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Wednesday: this 1980s title brought up to date by the Netflix series

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