Web – In 2022, who made the buzz on the Internet in Creuse?

Creuse news is told all year round, in our pages, and on our website. And more and more of you are reading our articles every day on lamontagne.fr. A look back at those that were most viewed in 2022.

In the Creuse, this retiree does not pay for heating or electricity. While the prices of heating and electricity are exploding, Jean Chappert, a resident of Saint-Priest-la-Plaine, can boast of not paying any bills in his house. He designed it to be as autonomous as possible, and estimates that he achieves 80% savings in this way.

Ultrapassive house that produces its own electricity, Jean Chappert, energy saving

This article was posted on September 8, and has been viewed more than 237,000 times on our website. For the record, we had already met Jean Chappert in January 2018, and the article which was then devoted to himstill about his independent house, was also the most read of that year on lamontagne.fr with more than 360,000 views.

In the Creuse, this family refuses to send their children to school and outlaws themselves. Refusing to submit to the now compulsory request for authorization for their children to follow home education, the Blanpain family, who live in Lussat, entered into civil disobedience. And without hiding it.

1672260141 572 Web In 2022 who made the buzz on theThe Blanpain family

This article was posted on December 11 and has been read nearly 86,000 times.

Closed for ten years, the mythical Mas du Clos circuit in Saint-Avit-de-Tardes (Creuse) will finally reopen this weekend. Closed for a decade, the mythical circuit of Mas du Clos, in Saint-Avit-de-Tardes, reopened in October after several months of work. Sixty years after its first opening by Pierre Bardinon, it is his grandson, Alexandre, who takes up the torch.

1672260141 510 Web In 2022 who made the buzz on theLe Mas du Clos

This article was posted on October 20 and has been read over 57,000 times.

A Belgian hermit settles in an abbey in Creuse and angers Monsieur Bondieu. Hard blow for the summer cultural season of the abbey of Prébenoît, in Bétête: artists wanted to be deprogrammed and members of the organization, including Bernard Bondieu, a figure in the cultural community in Creuse, left the project, denouncing in particular attacks on secularism. A Cistercian monk of Belgian origin has indeed invested part of the site to live there as a hermit.
This article, posted on July 25, has been read more than 53,000 times.

How did this resident of Sainte-Feyre (Creuse) divide her heating bill by three?? This other article dedicated to energy was also very popular. Since she has lived in her wooden frame house in Sainte-Feyre, Sylvie Devez has enjoyed seeing her energy budget melt away. The whole house on one level is heated thanks to the pellet stove.
This article was posted on September 8 and has been read over 50,000 times.

Amaxophobia: in the Creuse, young and old are not spared. Amaxophobia is the stress that overtakes you when driving. More and more students at Jean Salesse’s driving school in Guéret are suffering from this anxiety. Hence the course he set up in October, to combat this pathology which would affect 75% of drivers, young or not.
This article was posted on October 5 and has been viewed nearly 50,000 times.

This patient from Creuse remained bedridden for several months while waiting to be operated on at the University Hospital of Limoges. The recruitment crisis, staff absenteeism linked to Covid and hospitalization priorities are disrupting the programming of operations at the Limoges University Hospital. A patient from Creuse, Michel Lhermite, agreed to testify. He was bedridden for eight months awaiting surgery.
This article was posted on August 22 and has been read nearly 43,000 times.

In La Souterraine (Creuse), SNCF agents mistakenly cut more than a dozen trees in a private home. Alberto Goncalves was surprised to discover that more than a dozen large trees had been cut down by SNCF agents on land that belongs to him in La Souterraine. This error came from an insufficiently updated cadastre.
This article was posted on May 10 and has been read over 42,000 times.

The smoke from the fires in Gironde crossed the entire Creuse. Remember, it was July 19th. As terrible fires hit the Gironde, their smoke, driven by the wind, then crossed France. In Creuse, they arrived in the afternoon, making the air stuffy, polluted, and the sky foggy.1672260141 243 Web In 2022 who made the buzz on theIn Bourganeuf
This article was posted on July 19 and has been read over 41,000 times.

Stuck in a hotel in Creuse for a month to find her cat. France Gigon arrived in Guéret in mid-October. Very invested in the animal cause, she came to Creuse to buy a house. She finally had to stay to look for her cat, who had disappeared from the hotel where she had originally stayed for two or three days.

1672260142 282 Web In 2022 who made the buzz on theFrance Gigon is looking for her cat in Guéret

This article was posted on November 13 and has been read over 37,000 times.

How did this small town in Creuse welcome ten new merchants and craftsmen in just one year?? Bakery, butcher, restaurants but also laundry, art gallery, plumbing…: in barely a year, around ten traders and craftsmen have opened or taken over an activity in Auzances. A momentum never seen in this town of 1,200 inhabitants.
This article was posted on December 14 and has been read over 36,000 times.

Youth, rurality, access to healthcare, legion of honour… Relive Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Creuse. The President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by several ministers, was in Creuse, Monday January 24, 2022. Several visits and meetings on the program, on various subjects: health and youth in rural areas in particular.
This article was posted on January 24 and has been read over 36,000 times.

In Creuse, this former student became director in place of her former mistress. Alexandra Bonifas, the new director of the Gioux school knows the house well: it is here that she did her first classes and that she dreamed of being a teacher thanks to her mistress Joëlle, the former director today. now retired.
This article was posted on September 1 and has been read over 30,000 times.

These nursing students in Guéret need your help for their humanitarian internship in Madagascar. Five students from the IFSI in Guéret want to go on a humanitarian internship in Madagascar. To realize their project, they need help.
This article was posted on July 4 and has been read over 33,000 times.

In the Creuse, Doctor Slaouti has a powerful remedy against medical desertification. Pulmonologist and oncologist in Sainte-Feyre, Dr. Slaouti has made desertification his hobbyhorse. And it was precisely during his horseback riding that he had the idea of ​​sharing the beauty and charm of Creuse on social networks… to recruit future doctors.
This article was posted on January 23 and has been read over 25,000 times.

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Web – In 2022, who made the buzz on the Internet in Creuse?

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