We tested Apex Legends Mobile: the adaptation that is right on target

Starting May 17, Apex Legends is coming to mobile. The famous Electronic Arts game offers an iOS and Android version which uses the codes of the title in a new version and should appeal to both novices and regulars.

Apex Legends players will regain their sensations // Source: Respawn Entertainment

It’s definitely fashionable to go from the big screen to the small screen for video games. After Call of Duty Mobile or League of Legends Wild Riftand while waiting Diablo Immortal and Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a new renowned video game offers a dedicated mobile version.

From May 17, you will be able to tackle Apex Legends Mobile. As its name suggests, this mobile game is in line with the Electronic Arts shooter. It even takes up the codes, maps and legends, and the Battle Royale aspect.

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A Apex Legends which looks like a Apex Legends

Any resemblance is therefore not coincidental. But, as promises Respawn Entertainment, already behind the PC and console versions, it’s a whole new standalone experience that is available to us, built from scratch. The game was specifically designed to run on iOS and Android devices and respond to touch controls, however the gameplay is the same as the Apex Legends original. Sliding, shooting, looting, tactics and technique are still the key words for surviving in environments that aficionados will easily recognize.

First observation, Apex Legends Mobile is visually very pleasing. We find the atmosphere of the game and its automation, although we tested the title on a smartphone. If you are used to Call of Duty Mobile and other games of the same genre, you will not be out of place and even pleasantly surprised by the handling, even for a newcomer to the universe.

If you are new to mobile as in the universe Apex Legends, the tutorial is a great way to get into the groove and understand the basics of the game which turns out to be quite nervous. It should also be noted the effort made by Respawn to make its title affordable by all types of players. The various tutorials offered allow you to quickly acquire the basics of the game (run, shoot, dodge, move, use your powers, etc.). Free Practice mode is also a great way to get to grips with weapons and gear.

Apex Legends Mobile
Source: FRANDROID – Respawn Entertainment

The interface has been adapted to mobile support in order to leave the largest part of the screen to the game. All the controls are easy to access under the fingers, positioned in a rather intuitive way. You can find it easily. We may just regret that the action to run is often found under the information Hud on the left and is not very practical. And you don’t have the option of pairing a Bluetooth controller to play. This should be made possible later, promised Respawn, which is tweaking the latest tests.

However, it is possible to configure the display from the parameters in a classic or more advanced way, even personalized in order to adjust to the size of each one (control mode of your choice, adjustment of the keys, of the sensitivity, etc.). Certain settings such as automatic fire or automatic loot in Battle Royale mode can also be activated. Don’t hesitate for a second!

A standalone game, rich and promising

Apex Legends Mobile wants to be a game just as competitive as its elder. You will have to choose your hero among those that you will unlock as you progress, with their strengths (are you more of a ranged shot or speed of movement – ​​ideal on mobile). Nine of the 21 Legends of PC and console gaming are available with their abilities (Octane, Gibraltar, WraithGlamor, etc.) as well as Fade, a character specially created for the mobile game. He is a mercenary who relies on his mobility in an aggressive way. A significant asset in a game that is played at your fingertips. You also have access to twenty weapons including the Spitfire or the charge rifle that can be customized.

Compose a team of three players and embark on the Battle Royale. You can choose the first or third person view depending on what you prefer on your screen. The environments are also maps from the original game. The regulars will therefore quickly resume their marks and leave with an advantage knowing how to manage them. In terms of game modes, there are classic Battle Royale and team deathmatch. You can also take advantage of weekly challenges to earn rewards, events to obtain items. A Battle Pass will also be offered. The game is partly free and the pass therefore offers a paid part to progress faster by acquiring skins, packs, objects and virtual currency.

Apex Legends Mobile
You can choose the 3rd person view // Source: Respawn Entertainment

Bad news for existing players from Apex Legends who thought they could continue their game on the go: the game is not cross-play or multiplatform. You will therefore have to choose between playing on PC and console or on smartphone or tablet.

Finally, know that Respawn wanted the game to be optimized for as many devices as possible. It turns out very smooth and visually rather a pleasant surprise. But to take full advantage of it, you’ll need at least 2GB of RAM, which shouldn’t be too much of a hassle on most mobile devices.

Apex Legends Mobile
Source: FRANDROID – Respawn Entertainment

Our opinion :

The adaptation is excellent, both in substance and form. Two maps were proposed to us (Edge of the world and Canyon of the Kings, which will not be available immediately), different environments to have a first glimpse of what the game will offer on mobile and which takes up the codes of the PC/Consoles game .

We played with Octane and we must admit that the character is perfect for mobile games with his speed and skills. He runs around and regenerates quickly, with the ability to jump around easily making him difficult for opponents to apprehend. His faculties are therefore a hit on mobile.


First surprise of the shooter: the sensations on PC are the same on smartphones, the gameplay is intuitive and, if you are a connoisseur, you will quickly take control of the game, because the main mechanics are there. In this, the import is impeccable, fluid as desired. It’s even easier to unlock characters than before, just to progress faster too. The dynamism of the game is retained and the customization greatly helps the gameplay.

Nevertheless, we experienced more difficulty on the aim from afar, less practical in touch. Snipers lack precision, especially against nervous and fast characters. Some Legends that were at the top on PC are less suitable for mobile gaming, you will have to take this into account in your choices.

But Apex Legends Mobile is a rather successful adaptation, with its own identity while remaining faithful to its universe. And its strength, for fans and those who will become fans, is to offer a version to draw anywhere, smartphone in hand.

Apex Legends Mobile

Source: FRANDROID – Respawn Entertainment

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We tested Apex Legends Mobile: the adaptation that is right on target

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