We compared the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 with the Galaxy Z Fold 4: two opposing approaches

Samsung is seeing more and more folding smartphones arrive to compete with its Galaxy Z Fold 4. We received the latest from Xiaomi, here is what it does better than its Korean competitor.

the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 went on to write Frandroid. If it does not come out in France, it once again allows us to imagine what the future of the folding smartphone could look like once competition has set in against the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Overview in three weight differences:

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It closes well and the fold is invisible

First observation, the folding is much more successful. Yes, it’s become a bit of a cream pie: Samsung being alone in the market, the brand continues to release phones with a visible crease while the other brands, which keep their folding phones for China, can afford to erase the fold with a teardrop hinge. Do you know this story? Well, it’s definitely the same as we find here.

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Be careful however, the hinge always feels when you run your finger over the fold. On the other hand, facing the Z Fold 4, there is no picture, it is much more erased and less visible on a daily basis.

On the other hand, you can say goodbye to Flex mode. The hinge is much looser and can’t really hold its own. It’s either open or closed. Next to it, the Z Fold 4 therefore seems to have one more feature.

A better format on the front

Another size difference is precisely the size. Xiaomi has chosen much more generous dimensions for its folding. This has two consequences: more room to enjoy video content, of course, but also a less stretched format. As a result, the device is much more pleasant to use on the front.

On the other hand, if you find the Z Fold 4 too big, know that the Mix Fold 2 pays dearly for its screen enlargement. It’s a real juggernaut. When you think that the original project of the folders is to be able to further enlarge the size of the screens without sacrificing compactness, Xiaomi seems to have forgotten the second part of the proposal a little on this one.

The picture below?

At first glance, one would be tempted to give Xiaomi’s photo a little behind that of Samsung. Indeed, the Chinese brand is renowned for a somewhat aggressive algorithmic processing and color management that leans too flashy. But our few tests with both phones in hand smell pretty good for Xiaomi.

Indeed, if you look at this photo of my colleague Manuel above, we see that the colorimetry on the skin or on his sweater is more accurate on the Xiaomi than on the Samsung, which tends to yellow. At the sharp level, from a distance, the Samsung seems more precise, but this is actually due to work on clarity. As soon as you get closer, you see the sharpness drop for both, but the Xiaomi tends to be more precise.

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We compared the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 with the Galaxy Z Fold 4: two opposing approaches

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