Vin d’Oc, the first website of a wine merchant from Narbonne and Gruissan which allows you to taste what you buy

Jean-Michel Boron, master cellarman, agronomist by training, fell in love with the terroirs of Languedoc and especially the succulent wines with which it abounds. Of which act, he left the vineyard to become commercial, via his two cellars in Narbonne and Gruissan. And above all, he created Vie D’Oc, a catalog of 800 references which is now looking for “spotters”.

The 800 references of Languedoc wines offered by Jean-Michel Boron in his two shops in Narbonne and Gruissan and on his website were selected by him, over visits to the estates, the terroirs and as close as possible to the nourishing lands which mean that here, the vine delivers extraordinary beverages, unfortunately too little known.

“In 2010, when Vie d’Oc was created, the wines of Languedoc-Roussillon were still unknown and did not enjoy the notoriety of today. I told myself that the best way to make them known was to take the road and have them tasted. I first contacted my family, my friends, my neighbours, reconnected with old friends, asking them to gather around them their own friends, their neighbors, their amateur acquaintances of wine, their work colleagues, I had small fairs with the winegrowers that I liked. Everyone got involved. They were happy to be able to offer an original event, centered around wine, bringing together people who “they liked or appreciated without necessarily knowing them well, and the wine did its magic. People were surprised at the quality of the wines, the quality/price ratio”he explains.

From the online sale that we can taste

In the absence of being able to be everywhere, all the time, Jean-Michel Boron is in the process of launching a new concept: an online wine sales website thanks to which, via “nesters”, it is possible to taste. To sum up the approach: anyone in France and beyond who wishes to promote Languedoc beverages becomes their ambassador, for a fee, in this case a commission, by organizing tastings, at home or at wine shops.

Training sessions for “spotters”

“We are in the launch phase, but we already have a network of about fifteen scouts, in the Region, in Paris, in Metz and even in Hamburg. The system will expand in early spring and we are in the process of recruitment”, explains Jean-Michel Boron. Job scouts apply online. If they are selected, they benefit from training in the field relating to wine, but also meet those who make it and bring it to life; and sublimate it. No need to be an expert, the idea is precisely to initiate the “spotters” and lead them into the “field”. Quite recently, moreover, a four-day session took place in La Livinière and more widely in the Minervois.
“Currently, we have nearly 10,000 customers on the site. But I am convinced that several tens of thousands of other buyers, of wines whose price ranges from 5 to 500 € per bottle, will be happy to taste this that they could buy online, without having tasted”, argues Jean-Michel Boron. And then there is the friendly side. A new approach to follow closely, as we see, over time, a wine improves.

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Vin d’Oc, the first website of a wine merchant from Narbonne and Gruissan which allows you to taste what you buy

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