[VIDEO] 8 p.m. news, social networks, documentaries… How will Kylian Mbappé announce his choice?

In addition to choosing whether he stays at Paris SG or if he goes to Real Madrid, Kylian Mbappé must think about the best way to announce his imminent decision.

For months, the French striker has been feeding the suspense series of his future with journalists, in rare interviews or in the mixed zone after matches. His last speech, Sunday after the ceremony of UNFP trophies where he received the distinction of best player of the season in Ligue 1, suggests a near outcome.

“It won’t be long,” said the striker, who promised his answer “well before” the start of the next French team rally, scheduled for Saturday May 28. PSG hope to retain him beyond his contract expiring on June 30, but the Spanish press ensures that the player has already said “yes” to Real Madrid, who already tried to recruit him last summer.

Fans of both clubs, who number in the millions around the world, are hanging on the lips of Mbappé, whose decision will have a huge impact on the competitiveness of their favorite team.

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But it’s not just them. “It’s a decision that goes beyond the sporting framework”, analyzes for AFP Arnaud Simon, ex-boss of Eurosport France today consultant. “Kylian Mbappé is a role model (personality source of inspiration for others, editor’s note) who wants to move the lines. His decision has an exceptional dimension.”

“An exceptional champion, you need an exceptional setting. For me, that would justify the 8 p.m. newspaper. You need a setting that lives up to the pearl that it is”, continues the expert, who cites as an example the Belgian artist Stromae, who presented a title of his latest album on TF1 last January.

Coach Didier Deschamps also went there in 2018, to announce the list of Blues for the World Cup, co-broadcast by the first French channel. “In terms of communication elegance, in this solemn setting, this would seem to me more relevant than a publication on social networks”, continues Arnaud Simon.

Many athletes want to express themselves directly to their fans via their accounts – Mbappé has 71.6 million subscribers on Instagram, and 7.9 million on Twitter. It was through this that American football legend Tom Brady announced last March that he was retiring … and, a few weeks later, that he was reconsidering his decision.

Others have tried acting out on television, a spectacular but risky option. In 2010, 13 million viewers were watching “The Decision” when NBA superstar LeBron James announced he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.

The 1:15 a.m. special, broadcast by sports media giant ESPN, inspired Antoine Griezmann, who took up the codes in 2018 with “La Decisión”, a 52-minute immersive documentary produced by Kosmos, the company FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique. The camera followed the French international striker, in his questions about his future – he finally chose to extend to Atlético de Madrid. “His staging has been criticized a lot,” recalls Arnaud Simon.

Mbappé, attentive to every detail of his career, is approaching a pivotal moment on his road to football Olympus. And even if the rejected club communicates before him to pull the rug out from under him, the player can always impose his way of seeing things.

“Everyone will be waiting for Kylian Mbappé’s words, his explanations, the why. He will have to express himself. We are waiting for his message, which will bring all the youth and the French people”, explains the expert, recalling that a strategy communication often includes several media, all ready to react as soon as the attacker has made his choice.

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[VIDEO] 8 p.m. news, social networks, documentaries… How will Kylian Mbappé announce his choice?

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