UX in Brazil, a country focused on social networks via mobile » PACA’s economic and political letter

FERPECTION, consultancy in UX studies and research for the improvement of mobile sites and applications, presents all the specificities of UX Design in Brazil.

A country that gives pride of place to social networks, mobile phones and especially images.

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“In UX Design, localization is everything. It makes it possible to adapt the interfaces to the language and culture of a country. Therefore, a site or an application must meet the country codes in order to best meet the expectations of its users. UX Design must therefore take localization into consideration in order to provide companies with a fully adapted product and service. Our experts have thus studied all the specificities of UX Design in Brazil in order to provide a perfect and concrete example of a successful adaptation. Divided into 4 time zones, Brazil is 15 times larger than France with a population 3 times larger. Phone calls and SMS are very expensive in Brazil yet communication represents 3 of the 4 main online activities. Thus, 94% of online activities involve sending and receiving written, voice and image messages through multiple applications. 76% concern watching videos, TV shows and films, 73% video calls and 69% sending and receiving emails”, commented Thibault Geenen, CEO & founder of Ferpection.

A country focused on social networks

WhatsApp : the main means of communication for the general public and professionals

In Brazil, WhatsApp is the 3rd most used social network. Globally, it is the largest market outside of Asia. It has 146.6 million users, which is 55% of all South American users. Whatsapp has become the most economical solution for communicating and for easily locating friends on the street. Unlike Europeans, Brazilians also use WhatsApp to contact businesses (pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.). Strong demand which explains the launch of WhatsApp Business.

A culture of melting pot and beauty on Instagram

The people, culture and cuisine of Brazil are a global melting pot as the country is largely made up of immigrant cultures from Japan, Italy, Syria, Germany, Korea , Lebanon and China. The Brazilian population is unique thanks to its diversity but also by its approach to beauty. Indeed, Brazil is the 2nd country with the highest rate of cosmetic surgery and an insurance system that supports several operations, such as rhinoplasty and mammoplasty in public hospitals. This importance of the image explains the success of Instagram. Brazilians are very particular about appearance. Brazil is the 3rd country with the largest Instagram audience, just after the United States. Brazilians often use Instagram shop to buy online and have direct communication with the brand.

Brazilians being very connected, brands have a real opportunity and must use the various social networks to communicate and reach their target. Brazil is the second country that follows the most influencers. To reach its audience more closely, brands can establish partnerships with mega-influencers. Brazil has a large e-sports community, which mainly communicates on Facebook and YouTube. For example, the LOUD company was the first esports organization to reach 1 billion views on YouTube worldwide. It made the mobile game Free Fire one of the main e-sports in Brazil “, commented Thibault Geenen, CEO & founder of Ferpection.

mobile-first : a country focused on applications

Almost all Brazilians have a phone or smartphone, while less than half of the population owns a computer. This observation is interesting for companies wishing to develop their activity in Brazil. Brazilians will tend to use more apps rather than browsing a site. Brazilians spend 4.8 hours on their phones daily. Some companies’ platforms are mobile-only, or have a website that suggests downloading the app. Moreover, only 5% of the population speaks English, which is why it is very important to have a site or application in Portuguese.

Finance applications very quickly adopted

Brazilians also increased app usage in various categories, such as finance, shopping, and learning.

Since banking apps allow Brazilians to pay with their mobile, transactions have increased by more than 70%.

Brazilians can also top up their prepaid mobile plan directly through banking apps.

A new way to transfer money: PIX

PIX is an electronic payment system specially designed for the Brazilian market. Created by the Central Bank of Brazil in 2020, it allows secure money transfer in seconds, at any time of the day.

Almost all businesses use PIX to transfer money. Due to high inflation, Brazilians no longer use coins.

Whatsapp Pay : a real purchasing channel

Most companies have capitalized on the opportunity to reach a wider audience and offer the option to pay via WhatsApp.

In 2021, this channel was bolstered with WhatsApp Pay, an in-chat payment feature that allows users to transact via WhatsApp to their contact list.

The importance of interfaces and icons

Almost 7% of the population of Brazil was still illiterate in 2018. Images therefore have considerable importance and are used more on websites to illustrate information. There are more icons in menus, so sites and navigation are more understandable.

For example, Shopee is the most downloaded shopping app and the 3rd most downloaded free app in Brazil. It is an online shopping application with a very visual icon-laden interface.

Due to the increased use of images online, Brazil is the 2nd country with the highest usage rate of image recognition tools on smartphones.

Pay attention to the colors !

Today, the colors yellow and green have a strong political connotation and represent the president’s supporters. This is why interfaces try to avoid these colors and turn to red and blue.

The points to remember to hit in Brazil

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About Ferpection

Founded in November 2014 by Thibault Geenen (ex-Coca Cola) and Arnaud Limbourg (ex-BlaClaCar), Ferpection provides advice and UX studies to continuously improve the value of sites, mobile applications and omni-channel projects. Ferpection collaborates with many prestigious companies such as Samsung, L’Oréal, Lacoste, Leroy Merlin, LVMH, Vinci, Société Générale… in order to optimize the user experience on their websites, mobile applications and in stores. Through its study platform and the know-how of its UX Research experts, Ferpection delivers customer expectations, the strengths and weaknesses of a site or application of these projects as well as the action plan composed of prioritized improvements and personalized UX recommendations. More information :

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UX in Brazil, a country focused on social networks via mobile » PACA’s economic and political letter

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