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LONDON, Nov. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tusk Inc. Limited (www.tusklimited.com), founded in 2012 in the UK and Kuala Lumpur, initially specializes in capital management. The company, which has offices around the world, is now a leader in electrical solutions for users of mining equipment, solar energy and adapters. It announces today the arrival of new “Combo” products. This range of products is mainly dedicated to electrical applications. For every miner purchased, it comes with a solar panel, with a view to reducing energy consumption. View the products here

As a leader in power solutions, Tusk Innovation has announced 30% discounts on its mining equipment combo, which combines a solar panel with a bitcoin miner. After recently moving away from polycrystalline tools in favor of photovoltaic materials, Tusk Inc. has over time tested the effectiveness of combining its solar products with cryptocurrency mining solutions and found it to be the most effective solution. Tusk Inc. investors can now easily mine their bitcoins without interruption, enjoying reduced risk and optimal profits.

This strategy aims to reduce the amount of electricity consumed by customers when mining cryptocurrencies. It was unveiled last week by Operations Manager John Walls. According to Mr. Walls, “Reports indicate conclusively that the amount of electricity miners need may be too much. Therefore, we have developed a relevant alternative. »

The profits of mining
While it is commendable and highly profitable for many people to set up cryptocurrency mining farms, speculation is rampant and can lead to significant costs, especially in terms of power consumption. By offering you a solar panel that has no impact on your electricity bills, coupled with a device capable of performing dual mining tasks, Tusk Inc. has come up with a sustainable solution. All you have to do is mine your bitcoins, without worrying about market volatility, while ignoring energy consumption issues.

Tusk Inc. has distinguished itself by allowing its clients to acquire cryptocurrency wallet development services and GPUs from the company which has offices on three continents. She also has a wealth of experience in the development of Blockchain and bitcoin mining solutions, as well as other fields.

About Tusk
Founded in 2012 by a team of management experts, later joined by technology experts, Tusk Inc. is now a leader in electrical solutions. The company can also boast of an ability to effectively manage risks, since it has been active in this area for more than ten years. Through various technological innovations, the company has integrated less risky projects into the risk management system, including the mining of cryptocurrencies, using photovoltaic materials.

John Walls
PR Manager

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Tusk Innovation Announces New “Combo” Products

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