Tourism in Corrèze: mobile telephony to the rescue of attendance data

The department of Corrèze has just published its tourist attendance figures for the year 2021. A report refined by the use of a recent device, thanks to the mobile phone of holidaymakers.

To know the tourist frequentation of the department, Corrèze Tourisme collects data from service providers, such as hotels, campsites, lodges. Precise and reliable figures. But necessarily incomplete, because not all tourists go through these establishments.

Like all departmental committees, Corrèze Tourism therefore carries out surveys, questioning holidaymakers, but for the past two years, mobile telephony has come to the rescue of these devices, which are often tedious.

The system is called Flux Vision Tourisme. It is offered by Orange. Thanks to the geolocation of mobile phones, Corrèze Tourisme knows the geographical origin and length of stay of holidaymakers who do not visit the usual service providers. In other words, those who come to family, friends or their second home.

Orange represents 40% of mobile coverage in France. No other statistical survey can reach 40% of the population,” says Marie Saule, director of Corrèze Tourisme.

And these data are instructive.

A new look at tourist attendance

Marie Saule, director of Corrèze Tourism

Tourism professionals already knew that Parisian customers were fond of Corrèze. Thanks to this new tool, they learned that the inhabitants of Lot or Haute-Vienne came in fewer numbers at once, but more frequently.

Another example, in Brive. The highest attendance peak of the year is during the Christmas holidays, while the booking figures of traditional service providers do not reflect this figure. They are in fact tourists who are staying with their families for the holidays.

The Brive tourist office has therefore launched a communication campaign via social networks, to encourage this public to come to the Christmas markets, events, shows…

In Brive, Flux Vision should also be able to provide information on attendance at a major event without a ticket office: the Book Fair.

This information can also have an impact on public policiessays Marie Saule. On water management, for example, it is interesting to know when there are population peaks and how long.”

Flux Vision is used in other departments in France, such as the Côte d’Or, the Alpes de Haute-Provence… It was born in 2013 in Marseille, when the city sought to know the number of visitors and their origin during of the event “Marseille European Capital of Culture.”

It makes it possible to collect information on the holders of an Orange plan, geolocated by the relay antennas: their duration of passage, their socio-professional origin, their billing address. In the most complete anonymity, this device has indeed received the approval of the CNIL. But are tourists well informed by their operator of the use of their data?

These data are statistical and are then processed by the departmental tourism committee. “It’s innovative, it meets our needs and it completes our system”adds Marie Saule, director of Corrèze Tourisme.

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Tourism in Corrèze: mobile telephony to the rescue of attendance data

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