Top deal: Your mobile plan from €4.99 at Prixtel!

What great news! Pricetelthe alternative operator, extends its promotion on two of its flexible packages, Le petit and The big one until May 31, 2022. This is the perfect opportunity to obtain an inexpensive but service-rich telephone subscription. By falling for one of the Prixtel formulas from €4.99 per month, you will benefit from the quality of the SFR network and will carry out monthly savings on your mobile plan. From 40 GB to 140 GB, there is bound to be the perfect package for you! Let’s immediately look at the details of these flexible subscriptions.

Le petit de Prixtel: the package that is only small in name €4.99 per month!

The small is clearly the ideal plan for all those who have a small budget or who consume little mobile data. This cheap subscription by Prixtel understand between 40 and 60 GB monthly mobile data. And the icing on the cake, Prixtel offers it at a preferential rate until May 31. here are the different Pricing levels offered by Prixtel:

  • €4.99 for one year (instead of €9.99) if you use less than 40 GB in the month
  • €7.99 (€12.99 from the second year) if you use between 40 and 50 GB during the month
  • €9.99 during the first twelve months (instead of €14.99) if you use between 50 and 60 GB during the month

Why these different prices? Quite simply because the Prixtel packages are flexible. This implies that the amount of your bills is calculated according to the amount of data that you actually consume each month. Pretty cool, right?

Available on the network 4G/4G+ of SFRLe petit de Prixtel is also a formula without engagement, which allows you to decide whether to keep or terminate the subscription whenever you want, without having to pay any additional fees. At the level of communication options included in this unlimited plan, you will benefit from callsfrom SMS and Unlimited MMS in France, but also from Europe and the overseas departments. Finally, during your trips in these last two areas, you will also have at your disposal 10 GB mobile internet.

From 100 GB to 140 GB for less than €7 per month: fall for the Le grand de Prixtel package!

The little one doesn’t have enough data for you? No problem, Prixtel also offers its Le grand package. Let’s immediately discover the different levels for this subscription without obligation :

  • €6.99 the first year (€12.99 thereafter) for less than 100 GB mobile data used per month
  • €9.99 (€15.99 from the second year) between 100 and 120 GB used per month
  • €12.99 (€18.99 at the end of the first twelve months) between 120 and 140 GB consumed monthly

With this unlimited mobile planyou will benefit from calls, SMS and MMS at will in France. All of these communication options are also available unlimited from the European Union and the overseas departments. 20 GB mobile internet is available on the go.

cheap package Le grand de prixtel

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Top deal: Your mobile plan from €4.99 at Prixtel!

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