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From the Chooz power plant to Tréfimétaux, via the escape of a large bird, here are the top 5 most read articles on our website in 2022 in the Givet category.

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The Chooz plant in turmoil, even when stopped

They fell silent in December 2021. For more than a year, the two air coolers, these huge curved concrete towers, no longer spit their plume of smoke. Because the Chooz plant is shut down due to stress corrosion. But no plume does not mean cessation of activity. ” We have about 2,000 people on site right now. », underlined Solène Gourion, during the visit at the beginning of September. At the time, the site director’s teams were working for a restart at the end of the year. Finally, it will be necessary to wait until January 22 for reactor nº2 to be connected to the network.


A big bird on the D 8051

Today is Monday, January 17. Almost everything is fine. We think we have the berlue at the beginning of the week but a nandou has made the trunk. It is spotted by motorists, along the D8051, which connects Fépin to Montigny-sur-Meuse. A busy axis. The animal, a cousin of the ostrich with grey-brown plumage, had been picked up by its owner a little later, at the start of the afternoon. A lover of more or less exotic animals.

Didier Nanquette said that ” the rhea had been in the wild for three weeks. Normally, all my parks are secure. He must have panicked because of a fox or something. I wonder how he managed to survive. Everything is in order. I took the park it’s in up a notch “. This large bird has therefore joined another rhea, a female. This Fépinois confided that this story had him ” not made laugh “.


At 22, he dances in a Stromae clip

6,000 applications, 40 places, a drastic casting. And finally the result. Alexandre Charton, 22, dancer, teacher and choreographer is about to live a unique experience: dancing in a Stromae clip. ” I was so surprised and happy that I let out a cry of joy in the middle of the street! », then confided the young man. After an intense week of rehearsals and filming in Brussels, the dancer was able to discover the result of his performance on March 7 in the clip of sons of joy. A video that has since accumulated 34 million views. Just that !


Customers are abandoning local producers

Dozens of orders during the Covid and after… nothing. Where have the customers gone? This was the question that local producers were asking themselves in the spring. After a certain enthusiasm for their productions from the first confinement, the customers had finally gradually abandoned the producers. ” Some days we come for nothing, regretted Sandrine Masson, director of the Leda association, which notably produces fruit and vegetables in Vireux-Molhain. It’s a vicious circle because the less the customers come, the less the producers travel because it’s no longer profitable. And when customers see that there are fewer stalls, they say to themselves, too, that it’s no longer worth coming. »We thought that people were going to permanently change their mode of consumption, but that was not the case. “, lamented Jean-Yves Rifflard, poultry farmer in La Cerleau. According to him, a few months later, things haven’t changed much.


119 jobs threatened at Tréfimétaux

Employees of the Tréfimétaux factory in Fromelennes, which specializes in copper tubes, take a blow to the head. On January 13, the news falls. ” They keep the foundry and close everything else summed up Rachid Belkebir, former spokesperson for the inter-union and deputy secretary of the CFDT local union in Givet-Vireux. A social plan that cuts 119 jobs. ” That is three quarters of the workforce. » “It was premeditated “, denounced Pascal Gillaux, the mayor. Finally, 117 employees were made redundant. On June 23, management presented them with the support measures.

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Tip: the most read articles this year on the internet

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