Three good reasons to choose YouPrice’s €5.99 Le One unlimited plan

Are you looking for a phone plan? Do you want to lower the amount of your mobile bill from 2023? The YouPrice operator helps you make great savings with its flexible Le One plan on promotion. Here are three good reasons to fall for this mobile subscription, one of the cheapest on the market.

A flexible mobile plan

With its Le One offer, YouPrice allows you to pay only for what you use in terms of internet. The Le One subscription can be adjusted according to three levels ranging from 10 to 30 GB. Thus, the months when you consume little (up to 10GB), you will pay less than 6€. Conversely, the months when you consume a little more, you will pay more but without exploding the bill thanks to the automatic adjustment distributed in this way:

  • up to 10 GB of data per month on sale at €5.99 for one year then €9.99
  • between 10 GB and 20 GB of data per month at €6.99 for one year then €12.99
  • between 20 GB and 30 GB of data per month at €7.99 for one year then €14.99

Good to know, the average 4G data consumption per subscriber is 13.4 GB (as of June 30, 2022). This mobile offer ranging from 10 to 30 GB thus meets the majority of users in France. In addition to these gigas included in France, the operator grants you 10 GB of data as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from Overseas and from the EU. You can of course call and exchange SMS and MMS without counting in France with this cheap package.

A mobile plan with no time commitment

The mobile plans of the operator YouPrice are all no time commitment. By falling for this Le One offer on sale for the first year, you take no risk. You can actually cancel your subscription at any time without any charge and even during the promotional period. So if a better mobile offer comes your way, you can easily change with or without number portability. If you decide to keep your mobile number, the process is simple, just enter your RIO code in the field provided for this purpose when subscribing.

The choice between the Orange or SFR network

Another advantage of the operator YouPrice the choice between the Orange or SFR network. You can actually choose between these two quality networks when subscribing. To help you make your choice, you can check the network coverage using theMonRéseau tool made available via ARCEP. Thus, you will select the network that best covers your geographical area. And that’s not all, this offer which works up to 4G is also 5G compatible by activating the 5G speed option at €5 per month.


If this offer does not meet your internet needs, youPrice currently displays two Limited Series which work in the same way with more gigs and a fixed price each month. The Le Santa offer offers 80 to 100GB from €9.99 per month and the Le Claus formula from 100 to 120GB from €11.99 per month.

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Three good reasons to choose YouPrice’s €5.99 Le One unlimited plan

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