This treatment for damaged hair is the most popular hair care in the world on the Internet

New year, new beauty phenomena. The countless data provided by the Internet make it possible to track cosmetic trends, on social networks and search engines. Hottest Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients, best selling perfumes, most used beauty toolor even the most popular brands online with the French- the first is Breton -, nothing escapes the data.

Olaplex, the world’s most popular hair brand on the Internet

And hair care is no exception to the rule either. According to Cosmetify, who shared their ranking world of the most popular beauty brands online*, a haircare brand met with tremendous success this year: Olaplex.

Patented technology that aligns broken hair bonds

Founded in 2014 in a Californian garage, it is based on a patented technology, the ingredient bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. Claiming to repair broken hair bonds, it promises newfound softness and shine to those who use it.

Impressive popularity on Instagram as on Google

This discovery has been so successful that, according to the Cosmetify Index 2022, Olaplex is the most popular hair brand in the world, ahead of Ghd, Babyliss, Paul Mitchelle and Davines. With its 13.9 million publications and 2.3 million subscribers on Instagram, it is particularly powerful on the social network. But on search engines, too, it breaks records. This year, it generated 18.5 million queries, or 21% more than the previous year.

Olaplex’s N°3 Hair Perfector, the most sought-after hair product on the planet

And one of Olaplex’s hair care products is particularly successful: Olaplex’s N°3 Hair Perfector. The most searched treatment on the planet on Cosmetify, it is ahead of Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant and Rare Beauty Liquid Blush.

A treatment that promises hair 3 times more resistant

This weekly deep treatment, to be performed at home, promises 68% additional repair and hair 3x more resistant. Incorporating, of course, Olaplex bonding technology, it is suitable for hair damaged by mechanical (brushing) as well as thermal (hair dryer, straightener) and chemical (coloring, permanent transformation techniques) aggressions. .

How to use Olaplex’s N°3 Hair Perfector

The product is applied as a mask before shampoo, on damp hair, once a week.

  • Moisten the hair with a spray
  • Apply the product from roots to ends.
  • Leave on for 10 minutes.
  • Shampoo and apply an Olaplex conditioner.

Olaplex’s N°3 Hair Perfector, €29.50 for 100 ml
On sale in partner hair salons and on the Internet ( ,,,…)

* Based on their popularity on Instagram and Google.

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This treatment for damaged hair is the most popular hair care in the world on the Internet

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