This Orange 70 GB package for less than 10 euros is to be seized urgently

Stop spending too much on your mobile plan. Today, you can easily optimize this necessary but too often overlooked expense item. You have everything to gain. Changing mobile operators only takes a few minutes online.

Orange puts all the arguments on its side to seduce you and offers its 70 GB mobile plan for less than 10 euros per month for a few more days. Low price, excellent network quality and packages now without engagementOrange has it all.

Discover the Orange package

Orange does things well: its 70 GB package for less than 10 euros

With this offer, you don’t have to choose between a substantial envelope of gigas or a reasonable price. Orange offers you the best of both with its 70 GB package at less than 10 symbolic euros per month.

Its 70 GB package is currently displayed at 14.99 euros per month (instead of 29.99 euros per month) with 70 GB of mobile data in France, Europe, DOM, Switzerland and Andorra as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

It’s already good. But Orange goes even further by unveiling a second magic offer. The price of this package collapses a little more thanks to the promotional code SUN22 : the 70 GB package drops at 9.99 euros per month the first year.

This is aboutone of the best offers on the market today. The ratio gigas / price is really very interesting. Such a substantial envelope of gigas should be suitable for the greatest number. That’s enough to browse social networks, watch your favorite series on public transport, listen to your favorite playlists non-stop or make video calls to your loved ones without fear of being stranded. With 70 GB of internet per month, you don’t have to limit yourself.

After the first year, the package goes back to its original price of 29.99 euros per month. However, Orange packages are now without engagement, that’s not really a problem. Indeed, you can simply terminate your contract before the price of your package increases.

Discover the Orange plan

Orange, the creme de la creme

For many years, Orange has established itself in the hearts of its customers and is one of the best French operators. ARCEP ranks it first in its ranking of the best networks with regard to quality, speed and coverage. And leaving behind the weight of packages with commitment, Orange now has all the cards in hand to convince you.

To subscribe to the best package of the moment, you can do it in a few clicks directly online or in an Orange store if that reassures you. A king’s choice…

Finally, it is not necessary to change your phone number when you change mobile operator. Indeed, you can keep your current number free by retrieving your RIO number at 3179 and communicating it when you subscribe to 70 GB package at 9.99 euros per month. Orange takes care of terminating your old contract, no additional cost. You will only have to pay 10 euros for your new SIM card and then that’s it, the XXL savings on your mobile bill are yours.

To take advantage of this exceptional offer before it’s too late, it’s here:

Discover the Orange plan

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This Orange 70 GB package for less than 10 euros is to be seized urgently

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