This internet star house is over 700 years old

Despite its great age, this house, built in 1478 according to an expert who was responsible for dating the year of its construction, still stands. Much to the surprise of netizens.

All it takes is one photo and it’s all over! Just 5 years ago, an American tourist had photographed this house. In a few days, the building became the star of social networks since it was “liked” 2 million times in 48 hours on the image hosting site Imgur. An unexpected score for a simple photo. Especially since the house, located in Sévérac-le-Château, in Aveyron (12)

(see map below)

did not look like much and even gave the impression that it was soon going to collapse.

This house is indeed the oldest building in the town and one of the oldest in Aveyron. ”

The house is traditionally located in the 14th century but dendrochronology

(technique which makes it possible to date the construction thanks to samples taken from the woodwork, editor’s note)

evidenced fellings over several years up to the spring of 1478. The house was therefore completed no earlier than that date

“, entrusts to the


Christophe Perrault who directs the Center for Studies in Dendrochronology and Research in Ecology based in Besançon and who was responsible for dating the construction of this house in Aveyron.

Unoccupied since the 70s

It is undoubtedly for this reason that it has so agitated the Web. Many Internet users must have been fascinated by the fact that such an old house could still stand. Social networks have even relayed the idea that it would be the oldest in France. What the Tourist Office denies. ”

Having the titles of one of the oldest houses in Aveyron and world star of the web is already a source of pride

“says a spokesperson, amused. But a sign of the enthusiasm for this building, a tweet published on May 14, 2022, claiming that it is the oldest in France, has been retweeted nearly 4,000 times and “liked” more than 29,000 times.

Built high up, on a small alley that goes up, this house is distinguished by its half-timbered walls, its small windows, its corbelled floors and finally its old stones. If originally it was built in millstone, today the walls have been renovated. In September 2018, the “Maison de Jeanne” – named after the last occupant, Jeanne, a local painter -, had its facade facelifted.

(see our main illustration)

covered with cob. A sine qua non condition for the residence to continue to survive the centuries, even if these works diminish its charm.

Unoccupied since the 70s, this property of the town hall of Sévérac has become a tourist spot. Jeanne’s house hosts medieval events in the summer (July and August) and opens its doors to the general public. Given the reputation of this residence, the town hall would be wrong to deprive itself.

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This internet star house is over 700 years old

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