This 100 GB mobile plan is the best gift you can give to your loved ones

Disconcertingly simple, very complete and billed for less than 20 euros per month, the new 100 GB package from RED is not lacking in advantages. The perfect mobile offer to slip under the tree for your loved ones who don’t want to worry about their phone.

Who has never received a panicked call from a parent who does not understand why he can no longer watch videos on his smartphone, or who complains that he never has a network? It follows long minutes, even hours of explanation and assistance on a plan on which you do not have the hand.

The good news is that there is a solution to this kind of situation: the RED 100 GB mobile plan. Being particularly easy to use, this plan poses no problem for its user. Better still, he is counting on a sufficiently generous data envelope so as not to run out of data on the 15th of the month. At last, its price set at 16 euros makes it a far from ruinous mobile offering.

5 minutes to change plan

Preconceptions die hard: many people think that changing mobile plans is long and complicated. Especially during the holidays. However, in recent years, changing operators has been disconcertingly easy. RED, for example, handles all line termination and transfer procedures.

Just go to the RED website to start subscribing. It is possible to keep his old number, perfect not to destabilize a parent accustomed for many years to the same area code, by providing the RIO code of his line. All you have to do is dial 31 79 from your current smartphone and enter the code obtained on the operator’s website.

Once the steps have been taken, the change of line is done without interruption of mobile services.

A very complete mobile plan

Whether it’s to watch many series on your smartphone (or tablet), or to make daily video calls, the 100 GB RED package will not fail you. Concretely, such a 4G envelope allows you to watch up to 155 hours of streaming content every month.

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Of course, it is even possible to share your connection in the event of a breakdown of the internet box. You can therefore reassure your loved ones that they will not lose contact with you. Of course, it is possible to use your mobile data within Europe and overseas departments. RED provides 19 GB of roaming data.

Finally, calls to France and the overseas departments, SMS and MMS to France are unlimited. This also applies to calls, SMS and MMS sent from the French overseas departments and the European Union.

The RED & Moi mobile application allows you to keep an eye on your mobile consumption on a daily basis and makes it easy to contact the operator’s after-sales service.

A package with good value for money

The ultimate strength of this mobile offer is its price. RED’s 100GB plan displays a monthly fee of 16 euros. Above all, it is a non-binding package. No minimum subscription period is therefore imposed on you.

A single payment of 10 euros is requested when ordering to cover the cost of the new SIM card. The delivery of this one does not exceed one week.

RED Days continue

For several days now, RED has set up a refund offer ranging from 30 to 100 euros on a selection of smartphones. Phones ranging fromiPhone 14 to Galaxy S22 passing through the Pixel 7. The perfect opportunity to slip a high-performance smartphone under the tree without breaking the bank.

The offer is however limited in time since it ends on January 9, 2023.

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This 100 GB mobile plan is the best gift you can give to your loved ones

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