Thiers-sur-Theve. The couple installed at the stadium forced to leave their mobile home. – Oise Hebdo

Catherine and Georges Warnet lived in a mobile home in Thiers-sur-Thève (Oise). They are forced to leave the premises. – Photo: François Nerrand / Oise Hebdo

More than 20 years to get there…Catherine Warnet cannot hide her sadness and her bitterness. She watches as her husband George, 79, helps friends link his mobile home to a tractor with a chain. The small house of about ten meters in length, installed on the stadium from Thiers-sur-Theveto the south of Senlis is leaving its location, the time to convey it in the next few days to the North, where its new owner wants to receive it.

HAS Thiers-sur-Theve, everyone knows Georges Warnet, says Jojo. But it is not with lightheartedness that he and his wife abruptly leave the village to soon settle in the Aisne. Relations with Mayor Pierre Boufflet, which were strained, rushed things.

He made us come to the town hall and he told us to leave the placeexplains the couple. But as we did not have a written document, we did not take it into account. Then, in September, we received a registered letter telling us to leave by October 15th. We asked for a postponement, so that we could turn around and we also asked for help with relocation, with no response from him.“. After November, Catherine and Georges have to dismantle everything and return the place as they found it – or almost. “We are still in the middle of winter“, points out Catherine.

The couple hired a lawyer

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The couple’s mobile home, towed while waiting for their departure for the north of France.- Photo: François Nerrand / Oise Hebdo

The situation of this sexagenarian and this septuagenarian is particular. When Georges Warnet arrived, he was then the goalkeeper of the football stadium. It was then an arrangement with the former municipality. When he retires, so that he can stay, a solution is found. Georges then becomes president of the tennis club and, subject to payment of the charges, he keeps his accommodation. “The decision is even approved by the sub-prefect (from Senlis editor’s note) of the time“says Georges Warnet.

But everything changes with the municipal elections of 2020 and the arrival of Pierre Boufflet. After his request to leave the premises “to make it an ecological continuity according to what he told mespecifies Georges Warnet, “he makes us pay daily penalties.»

The conflict is such that the couple has hired a lawyer and intends to challenge these penalties in court. Even if their departure for another department is recorded.

“Everyone knows him”

In Thiers-sur-Thève, Jojo’s problems do not leave anyone indifferent. “Everyone knows him, he is always ready to lend a hand., explains a resident. “His presence made it possible to avoid the arrival of travellers, this would no longer be the case.“, adds an association manager. “He is right to defend himself“says a third resident.

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Thiers-sur-Theve. The couple installed at the stadium forced to leave their mobile home. – Oise Hebdo

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