There’s a fake ChatGPT app at the top of the App Store, and Apple isn’t doing anything

Renowned for its security and reliability, Apple’s application store is disappointing on the ChatGPT issue. OpenAi’s artificial intelligence is certainly available for download for computers, it is in no way available for mobile and iPhones are not ruled out. However, for several days, an application of the same name has been skyrocketing. Already number 1 of the most popular productivity applications, it continues to be downloaded and climbs the ranking of the best paid applications.

In the ChatGPT beta, available from November 30, 2022, users do not need to pay anything. Just create an account (which is possible with a Google or Microsoft account), and you’re done. There are no fees, no subscription. Far from the subscription of 7.99 dollars required by the application available on the App Store and which attracts many Internet users… like me. Scammers seem to have chosen to take advantage of the worldwide hype about ChatGPT, and Apple is doing nothing to stop them.

According to App Store history, the fake ChatGPT app has been live for 3 weeks on the platform. By clicking on it, we find more information that would reassure ordinary users, namely the mention of OpenAi, the company that developed the tool. Also, the presence of 1,800 ratings reassures, and testifies to the popularity of the program. The worst part being that not all the ratings are bad. At the time of this writing, it was receiving an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars…

What is the publisher’s objective?

“Great work for an already billionaire company! Too bad this app forces a subscription from its first launch. While via the web, it’s free…” regretted a surfer last week. His comment is highlighted on the Apple platform. Others, rather than actually rating the application, added a note to talk about their experience on the web, with the “real” ChatGPT… and some comments date back to last December 30 without being moderated.

To realize the absurdity of the application, you have to look into the details of the characteristics and read the name of the publisher. Who is he ? On the App Store, it hides behind a somewhat barbaric name: “Social Media Apps & Game Sports health Hiking Running fitness tracking”. Far from that of OpenAi. Nothing breathes privacy and everything seems to be offered to find its way into users’ smartphones. Other apps are available, like “Activity Lock Screen Widget 16” and “BetterTrack Ride Hike Run Swim”.

According to our brothers and sisters from MacRumors, the app has reportedly already gone through Apple’s review process several times to be listed on the App Store. At no time would its copy, its subscriptions or its uselessness have posed a problem for the Apple brand… One thing is certain, we advise you not to download it. As an alternative, prefer this tutorial to install ChatGPT on Siri.

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There’s a fake ChatGPT app at the top of the App Store, and Apple isn’t doing anything

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