The Walking Dead: soon even more spin-offs?

Series The Walking Dead has come to an end, but we are far from having finished with the prowlers: the universe of the zombie saga is expanding visibly, and it could be that the spin-offs expected later this year 2023 are not the only ones to see the light of day. The boss of the television franchise has indeed revealed that he has multiple projects for the future…

The Walking Dead, It’s finish ? Not really ! Certainly, the main series ended in apotheosis with the last episode of season 11 there is little. But if you are one of those who followed this episode, you probably noticed that it sowed the seeds of the derivative series which are in preparation by revealing in particular the return of Rick Grimes. While Fear The Walking Dead is still ongoing and Michonne, Maggie, Negan and Daryl are about to go to war again against the zombies in their own series, one would assume that Scott Gimple, the man who oversees the television universe of The Walking Dead, already has a lot to do. However, he recently made statements about his future plans, and according to him, there is scope for setting up new series set in the world invaded by walkers.

The Walking Dead: soon new spin-offs?

Whether the main series’ most iconic heroes will return anytime soon, Scott Gimple explained to the AMC channel blog that there are plenty of other protagonists who deserve to see their stories continued in spin-off series. When asked about upcoming spin-offs, he said:

“What I would say is that I hope these are just the first stories and the first characters that we explore. I really hope that we do even more. I hope that will be possible and I I really, really want to be interested in other characters, other parts of this universe and other situations. So hopefully these are just the first. I dream of doing more. Right now we’re focusing on those, but if we’re given some time, hopefully we can get started on some other characters. In a way, we’re already working on some other projects. , but it’s not happening yet. We want to put those shows together and then start expanding that world again.”

We understand it in this statement: Scott Gimple is overflowing with ideas for new series, but these projects will only be able to materialize if the universe of The Walking Dead continues to excite fans and that the ratings for the ongoing spin-offs are satisfactory. And it must be said that fans of this franchise will soon be spoiled for choice.

In which series will the universe of The Walking Dead continue?

If you find it difficult to follow the expansion of the universe of The Walking Dead, here is a short summary. Among the novelties expected next year, there is the series The Walking Dead: Dead Citywhich will see the characters of Negan and Maggie form an unexpected and exciting duo in a New York riddled with the undead, Rick & Michonnewhich will show us the reunion of the couple of heroes, and Daryl Dixonwho will follow the archer badass of the series gone on an adventure in a post-apocalyptic France. To these three new shows are added the other derivative series still in progress: Fear The Walking Deadwhose season 8 is in preparation, and Tales of the Walking Deadwhich could soon have a sequel according to showrunner Channing Powell, who expressed the desire during an interview with Entertainment Weekly :

“I hope we will have a season 2 and a season 3. We have already written the script for a musical episode, it is ready to be shot!”

The Walking Dead: World Beyond ended after two seasons, as had been planned from the creation of this spin-off. But with all the mini-series ready to land on our screens and the many other projects of the people in charge of this universe, there is no doubt that zombies have a bright future ahead of them. In the meantime, if you want to embark on a marathon of this saga, we explain here how to watch the different series in chronological order. Good viewing !

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The Walking Dead: soon even more spin-offs?

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