The viral video of Young people with Macron is a flop

Right between the two rounds of the legislative elections, Young people with Macron decided to give their party and their candidates a little boost. After a very tight first round enter Together! and Nupesthey imagined the world with Jean-Luc Mélenchon as Prime Minister.

For the opening of their video posted on social networks: “LFI wins the legislative elections, and for the first time an extremist party obtains majority in the National Assembly. Also historical, the FN obtains a parliamentary group. The staging is as follows: a young woman walks down the street and receives numerous notifications from various French media. “The bill of disobedience to the European Union presented”, “The Minister of Ecology announces the abolition of flights outside Europe at low cost from October 1st” or “Rise in the price of energy by 20%, the fault with the stopping of the nuclear power stations ” one can read.

The video was deleted after spending less than a day on social networks, and after several thousand views, shares and reactions of all kinds. “We are deleting this video in view of the hate messages that followed, in particular towards image activists. We regret the diversion of the main message: to call on voters to say no to extremes and to give a strong majority to the President of the Republic”, they justified.

The propaganda clip flopped

Some clever people have kept the publication and it continues to turn on the web. A new meme served on a silver platter to their competitors and the many jokers on Twitter. The Young Socialists have made a parody of it. The JAMs are notably mocked at the despair of the actress when she learns that her weekend in Marrakech has been canceled due to a decision by the Minister of Ecology.

The various media noted the use of their name in this propaganda campaign, and not all of them particularly appreciated the approach. The Society of Journalists (SDJ) of Radio France posted a message : “The SDJradiofrance condemns the use of the name France Info for purposes of electoral propaganda. The dissemination of false information for political purposes, improperly attributed to our media, maintains a dangerous climate of suspicion towards journalists. “And to approve the removal of the video.

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The viral video of Young people with Macron is a flop

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