The top 3 internet boxes under 20 euros

Inexpensive: the essential Bbox fit

It’s an offer dual play at €16.99/month for one year, the time of the commitment, then €31.99 for fiber and €27.99 for ADSL. Unsurprisingly, no TV at this price, nor decoder. Fortunately, there are many other ways to watch TV for free these days, including with the app and its bouquet of 70 channels. And the 400 Mb/s of download speed will be enough to watch a few videos smoothly.

The price of the Bbox Fit, the box ofentry level of Bouygues Telecom, finally rose by a symbolic euro this month. The operator could not avoid the general increase, but it maintains its positioning and remains the most economical offer on the market, at least in the first year. It also keeps service and proximity to its customers a priority: a network of more than 500 shops in France, and advisers available by phone every day of the weekincluding Sunday.


The RED by SFR Box for long-term savings

RED is a low-cost operator SFR network user. His RED box is without engagement at €18.99 per month for the first year. It’s a guaranteed fixed price for ADSLwhich makes it the most profitable box in the long term for those who are not yet connected to fiber optics.

For others, the RED subscription in fiber version will drop to €28.99 from the second year. But you will be surfing at 500 Mb/s, and calls to mobiles from France are included in this offer. If we add that at this moment, RED promises one month free for any new subscription, the RED by SFR box becomes one of the most interesting box less than 20 euros.

Note that you have the choice of buying an Android TV decoder for only €29 (instead of €69). The interest? You transform your television into a “smart tv” compatible with many apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime, myCanal, Youtube…) and you won’t need the decoder of your next one access provider if you change boxes in a few months.

The Sosh box for fans of the Orange network

19.99€ per month exactly, for this other internet offer without TV. To the nearest penny, we stay under the psychological threshold of 20 euros with La Boîte de Sosh, and we surf on the Orange network at 300 Mb/s in fiber version. It is a little slower than its 2 competitors.

On the hardware side, the Sosh Box turns out to be a Livebox 4, a modem well known to Orange subscribers. For telephony, we will remain onunlimited to landlines only, to France or internationally.

The price of this non-binding plan also changes from the 13th month for the fiber version: more 10 euro on the bill.

Our opinion ? If you are connected to fiber, no doubt, you might as well afford all the services of an access provider owning its network with the Bobx Fit, at least for a year.

On the other hand, for those who are still on ADSL (nearly 40% of the population), there is a slight advantage to RED, for calls to mobiles included.

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The top 3 internet boxes under 20 euros

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