“The Responder”, “Le Flambeau”, “Brigade mobile”: our choice of series


In addition to the return of Marc/Jonathan Cohen as a reality TV candidate, this time in a parody of “Koh Lanta”, this week with little news gives the opportunity to catch up on the dark but very beautiful British series The Responder, and to laugh at the blunders of the two gendarmettes of Mobile Squad.

“Le Flambeau”: you don’t change a team of losers

You have loved The flame ? you will love The torch, it’s exactly the same thing. Of course, the object of the parody has been changed: instead of a reality show like “The Bachelor”, we put on a reality show like “Koh Lanta”. But don’t worry, Adèle Exarchopoulos is still screaming monkeys, since a monkey’s heart has been grafted onto her character. The one played by Leïla Bekhti claims to have reformed in prison, but, from her first reappearance, we find the same sociopath. Marc (Jonathan Cohen) remains misunderstood and cowardly. Under the palm trees, the newcomers (Jonathan Lambert, Kad Merad, Gérard Darmon) are quickly defined by a personality trait, servility, alcoholism, vindictiveness. This accumulation of defects leads to the catastrophes that one can expect: the fires go out, the provisions run out, the rafts break up, like the teams. Only the sustained flow of these predictable gags and the precision of the pastiche come to lighten the coarseness of the charge, of which we can no longer even distinguish the object. Thomas Sotinel

The torch, series created by Jonathan Cohen, with Jonathan Cohen, Ana Girardot, Leïla Bekhti, Kad Merad, Jérôme Commandeur, Gérard Darmon, Adèle Exarchopoulos. (Fr., 2022, 8 × 30 minutes), Canal+three episodes every Monday at 8:55 p.m. since May 23 and on myCanal.

“Brigade mobile”: wacky comedy for accomplice actresses

Presented at Series Mania in September 2021, the web series written and directed by Fanny Sidney – the Camille Valentini of Ten percent – then went back to the editing room for a few months and ended up being part of those series that we wait for without seeing them coming. La poilade rural in 10 episodes of 10 minutes finally landed on Arte.tv in early May, refined by its creator. Born from the desire to bring together on screen Louise Massin and Marie Lelong, whom Fanny Sydney had already directed in the series Loulou (also on Arte.tv), Mobile Squad follows like a mockumentary two ill-matched police officers who are forced to collaborate, on the trail of a crow who is stirring up trouble in an Auvergne town. The device, which has become common in contemporary comedy, gives its charm to the series, which for the rest assumes its modest ambitions and its resourceful side. Which doesn’t prevent Fanny Sidney from having a lot of fun with her camera and her actors. Not everyone will appreciate his quirky humor, but the very fact that Mobile Squad exists testifies to the great vitality of French short formats. Audrey Fournier

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“The Responder”, “Le Flambeau”, “Brigade mobile”: our choice of series

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