The podium of the best 100 GB mobile plans this fall

Excellence, freedom and price: it’s Lebara, on the Orange network

  • 100 GB in 4G at €11.99 for 30 days : this is the price of this package at a fixed price, without obligation, renewable automatically,
  • adjustable : you can add an “International Pass”, for telephony abroad, or “Internet Passes” if necessary
  • and payable online by credit card or Paypal: no contract, RIB, or direct debit, stay free!
  • Menu Free SIM

At this price, you will surf on the best network in Franceat a rate of up to almost 600 Mb/s ! Indeed, Orange is once again in the lead for the quality of its network, its speeds, and its services, whether in the latest press release from ARCEP 2022or with the nPerf barometers and Degrouptest.

We regret, however, that unlimited telephony only concerns France, and that MMS are not included, unlike SMS: here we feel the DNA of Lebara, whose core business has always been the sale of prepaid cards and the so-called “ethnic” telephony.

Cdiscount Mobile on sale on the Bouygues Telecom network

  • 100 GB in 4G at €12.99 per month, without commitment : here is the proposal of Cdiscount Mobile. But as the 1st month is free right now, it finally comes back to the same price as the previous one, at least for the first year.
  • Calls, texts and Unlimited MMSto landlines and mobiles, in France, in 30 European countries, and 8 overseas destinations – 12 GB of additional mobile data can also be used from these areas.
  • Menu SIM at 10€

To within one euro, we will lose a little in speed, but the more complete telephony is clearly appreciable. And then, it remains the most competitive of 100 GB packages from all Bouygues Telecom network operators.

100 GB at €15.99 at RED by SFR: additional services

In the category of minimum 100 GB plans, RED is not the cheapest. For €15.99 per monththe telephony offer is complete: unlimited calls, SMS and MMS on landlines and mobiles in France, and in Europe and overseas departments. But this time it’s 19 GB that can be used from these countries, with the possibility, for €5 per month, of extending the data available abroad to 30 GB, including 20 in the USA and Canada. It is a unique offer which will appeal to salespeople who are always on the move, parents of students abroad, or bi-cultural families…

In terms of flexibility, RED’s package can be adjusted: there are 50 GB refills at 10 euros each.

Last largesse: for only 3€/ month, and not 5 as often, RED makes you switch to 5Gand although this package is also without engagementyou can also choose a phone at a privileged price, reconditioned or not, among 160 references. Take advantage of them: they are on sale until February 6 !

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The podium of the best 100 GB mobile plans this fall

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