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With shipments up 53% in 2022, the mobile robot market is doing very well. According to a study by Interact Analysis, more than 4 million mobile robots should be installed worldwide by the fourth quarter of 2027. Indeed, although this market is already well established, new applications are emerging and the manufacturing industry seems to be driving growth upwards.

18 billion dollars cumulative: this is the turnover forecast for the market for mobile robots by 2027 according to the 5th edition of the Interact Analysis reporta leading market analysis firm for global supply chain automation.

Growth forecast for the mobile robot market, by economic region (Source and credit: Interact Analysis)

Various applications for mobile robots

AGV, AMR, AIV: these acronyms are commonly used to describe two categories of autonomous robots. What are their differences ?

  • AGV: this term refers to automated guided vehicles, robots used in a static environment and whose movements are guided by magnetic cables, lasers or painted strips on the ground. They are widely used in handling, in logistics warehouses, but also increasingly in industry, in airports, etc.
  • AMR/AIV: these are true Autonomous Mobile Robots, capable of moving completely autonomously, without guidance. Associated withartificial intelligence and controlled in real time by software to optimize logistics flowsthis equipment considerably improves picking, sorting and inventory operations.

Versatile and quick to set up, AMRs, once seen as futuristic, are now replacing AGVs in warehouses. In one Press releaseInteract Analysis announces as well as “Both AMRs and AGVs will see strong demand over the next five years, but the growth in adoption of AMRs will eclipse that of AGVs due to the wider range of possible applications. »

The manufacturing industry, a new El Dorado for AMR after logistics?

According to Interact Analysis, “Logistics will remain the main market for mobile robots, but significant growth is also expected in the manufacturing industry, as new applications arise as the market expands. »

In an August 2021 report, titled A Mobile Revolution: How mobility is reshaping roboticsthe IFR[1] also predicted strong growth in sales of mobile robots for the logistics sector, particularly by 2023. And like Interact Analysis, it also announced that the manufacturing industry would follow this same trend for the next few years.

It must be said that as far as industry is concerned, potential applications are numerous. They concern, among other things:

  • the transport of raw materials from the places of reception to the production lines;
  • handling of finished products;
  • handling of containers and pallets;
  • loading trailers;
  • factory monitoring.

Finally, the development of AMRs in industry goes hand in hand with the development of new, more modular, more flexible production models, the whole point being to link these robots to an ERP resource planning system.[2] or MES management[3].

[1] International Federation of Robotics

[2] Enterprise resource planning

[3] Manufacturing Execution System

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The mobile robot market is booming | Engineering Techniques

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