The Internet year 2021 in France: 10 key figures to know

In 2021, 92% of the French population is connected. But what is the real impact of this hyperconnection on daily life?

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From now on, the daily life of the French is punctuated by the use of digital. © Mediametry

10 key figures to know on the Internet in 2021

  • 92% of French households have Internet access
  • 53.5 million people are connected to the Internet each month
  • 2h26 is the time spent on the Internet each day and per person
  • 67% of our time spent on the Internet is on mobile (i.e. 1h34 per day)
  • 7 out of 10 French people visit news sites every month
  • 15 million listeners listen to podcasts each month (+20% compared to February 2020)
  • 31% of French people access AVoD platforms (free video platforms with advertising) every day
  • 45 minutes is the average time spent daily by the French on social networks and messaging applications
  • 55% of time spent online by 15-24 year olds is social
  • 33.5 million is the number of Internet users reached by the 26 French Tech unicorns each month

All connected in the Covid era

After nearly 2 years of living in a more than particular health context, the French have adapted and now combine digital technology with their daily lives. Indeed, 92% of the French population is connected for 2h26 per day on average:

If we look at the long term, it’s 5 times more than 10 years ago! These intense Internet uses, in particular on mobile phones, meet the new needs of French people to be informed, entertained, exchange and consume differently, explains Bertrand Krug, Digital and Press Director of Médiamétrie.

If the 15-24 year olds are the most connected with 3h53 of daily connection, the 50-64 year olds are not left out, with 2h31 spent each day on the Internet, an increase of 13% in one year.

Another impact of the crisis: 25% of French people now use collaborative tools, particularly in the context of teleworking. They are also 50% to go to training and education sites each month.

4 trends linked to the use of the Internet by the French in 2021

Among the trends identified in the use of the Internet by the French population in 2021:

  • The popularization of mobile payment: with the implementation of barrier gestures and its daily promotion, 9 million French people now use contactless payment via their smartphone. A figure that represents a 55% increase since October 2019.
  • Media players are always popular: in 2021, the 10 most visited media groups on the web reach 3 out of 4 French people each month. The “news” theme remains a favourite, with 70% of the French population consulting dedicated sites and applications every month. A special mention for the podcast, which has seen a 20% increase in listeners compared to 2020 (15 million monthly listeners).
  • Television remains at the heart of video consumption: each month, television takes up 75% of the time spent watching videos. In second place are videos on the Internet at 16%, then VoD/SVoD content at 9%.
  • The need to stay in touch with loved ones: 60% of French people go to social networks and messaging applications every day, spending a third of their connection time there.

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The Internet year 2021 in France: 10 key figures to know

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