The interest of the mobile payment terminal

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Developing your business requires choosing the right means of payment. And among these, the mobile payment terminal is essential today.

Dematerialized payment solutions have experienced a major boom in recent years and even more so with the pandemic. Getting paid easily is the very heart of how a company works. It is essential to be able to offer customers appropriate collection solutions wherever they are.

This is where the mobile payment terminal comes in. This box (or reader) reads bank card information, like a conventional electronic payment terminal, while following you everywhere. For this, it must be connected to an application installed on the device used (tablet, smartphone, etc.).

It is obviously an essential solution for all those who travel regularly. It will then be used on markets, fairs… It is indeed a very useful tool if you have to travel to present your products at a point of sale, such as a Christmas market or trade fairs across France.

It is then a simple and fast way to be paid without using cash (less and less popular with buyers). You can choose a terminal that accepts contactless for even more convenience.

The terminal is also very practical for craftsmen who wish to be paid after their intervention. It is then sufficient to present it to the customer directly at home. He will dial his credit card code and you will be paid directly without having to wait as is the case with payment by check, for example. It is also a useful tool for associations to get paid for memberships without having to wait.

This type of payment terminal can also be used at your fixed point of sale in addition to what is offered at the checkout. The customer will therefore not have to go to the checkout but will be able to make his purchase where he is (at his table or in a department) directly from your sales staff. These present the products and the customer can pay immediately. It’s more pleasant for him and faster.


In addition to the speed of this tool, it also offers other advantages for companies. It is thus possible, for example, to manage your stock directly from the application provided with the terminal, to have an overview of your billing, to keep your purchase register… You can know where you are without waiting, thanks to to the activity reports provided. It is aimed both at companies that have been in place for many years and at self-entrepreneurs new to the sales sector, whatever their field.

Another important advantage: collections are secure. You know immediately if the payment has taken place and it is carried out in compliance with the rules put in place by the EU, which offers great security to users. Settlement is fast since it appears the next day (on average) in your account.

We can also add that the payment terminal is a real marketing tool. You never refuse a payment wherever you are and whatever the time of the transaction. It’s a way to get closer to your customers by offering them an up-to-date payment facility.

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The interest of the mobile payment terminal

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