The Hérault “content creator” Olivier Puech, reference of the organic vegetable garden on the internet

First on YouTube®, the farmer from Lignan-sur-Orb carries his passion with his “Terra-potager” project.

Producer of fruits and vegetables, but also of videos on YouTube®, digital articles, books: Olivier Puech defines himself as a “content creator”. And he’s right !

The Héraultais now has more than 330,000 subscribers on his YouTube® channel (Olivier’s Vegetable Garden) from which he has been sharing his daily life, his advice and his respect for the earth for five years. While still teaching until 2017, it was his former students who pushed him to create his YouTube® channel.

“Taking care of such a chain takes time and you have to work” he insists. Olivier is on all fronts to make his videos: he finds the ideas, frames, presents, edits and publishes without help. Next door, he obviously takes care of the vegetable garden which continues to grow and which allows, among other things, to feed his family.

Rigorous and efficient

The days are therefore long, you have to be particularly rigorous and efficient throughout the production of a video. “A typical day would first be an hour in the vegetable garden for which I will film 10 minutes. Then, I will imagine the script for the video and therefore find illustrations, film the right manipulations and record the sequences “.

Afterwards, the editing is done on the computer, “it takes one hour of work for one minute of video, so to make a 10-minute video, the calculation is quickly done, but hey, that’s when there are no problems“.

If Olivier appreciates this double role between pedagogy and technique, he admits dreaming of a video editor to help him achieve his own. “When I see what can be done on the internet by real video editors, it’s sure to make you dream. But hey, there, the chain would take on another dimension, it would be a real business, with one or more employees.

His journey broadcast in Capital

Father of two children, he does not reserve his knowledge to his subscribers: “My children each have their little square to maintain, they can learn and take responsibility “, he specifies with pride. Unlike his children, the youtubeur was not immersed in the culture of vegetable garden. “I think it was above all a passion for the manual that led me to do my first plantations and my vegetable garden in recent years, a little before the birth of my children. It may also be due to the passage to the thirties”he says with a smile.

Not claiming to be permaculture, the content creator transmits his passion for local products, culture and the organic vegetable garden to as many people as possible. This desire is reflected in his other projects (books, website, etc.) by his naturalness and his enthusiasm.

All his work led him to host, for two days, a team from the show Capital. The report will be broadcast on television this Sunday May 29.

To go beyond his videos

For now, my real project is my Terra-potager website“. The grower becomes a real entrepreneur by carrying it with his two partners, Antoine and Guillaume.

It is a digital platform that allows subscribers to follow the advice and experiences of eight growers from all over France and not only. This geographical diversity of the website team is essential because of the variety of climates present in France.

Thus, it is possible to follow the advice of Olivier in the Hérault, but also of Élodie in the Paris region or of Denis, in Strasbourg, fighting the frozen winters. “The objective of this site is to promote the local and clean aspect of our crops and vegetable gardens.

Also, the site allows users to draw and plan their vegetable garden while referring to their planting calendar. “The 2023 version is under development and will allow any user to share their activities“.

We wish to say thanks to the author of this short article for this amazing web content

The Hérault “content creator” Olivier Puech, reference of the organic vegetable garden on the internet

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